1.05: Arts Quarter

As Reese was snoozing away, another welcome wagon came to his apartment. An uninvited one as a matter of fact. The infamous Vladislaus Straud decided to pay a visit. Vlad is the well-known master vampire in The Sims 4 franchise.

Silly me still didn’t learn the first time before the reboot when Vlad made his appearance then. I need to learn to lock these darn doors. Creepy men, or women, might just walk in…

…and help themselves to anything they desire.

After Reese awakens from sleeping on the floor while he was recovering from the plasma drain by Vlad, I have him go make himself some eggs and toast for breakfast. Reese is going to be spending the day being Uncomfortable of Recently Bitten (From Being Bitten by Vampire). By the looks of the image above, that pan must be a representation of Vlad. Or maybe the bread is that is being toasted.

I wanted to get Reese out in the city today, in-game. Since he was able to get a promotion on his first day on the job, he deserved to be able to work from home. And since he’ll be venturing out in the city to work on his Aspiration, he can do some work related stuff while he explores.

He’ll start his exploration of San Myshuno in the Arts Quarter. Reese has the Creative trait, so he might find something useful to blog about here. He’ll visit the Casbah Gallery Arts Center.

Outside the Gallery, Reese sees two Sims. One is a blue skinned Sim. He approaches her with a Friendly Introduction. The blue skinned Sim’s name is Kristen Plum. It seems Reese is curious to know if she’s into art being at the Gallery.

The other Sim heads into the Gallery before Reese could offer them an introduction, so he continues his conversation with Kristen. He tries to Get to Know her with some success.

Reese has learned that Kristen has the following lifestyles:

  • People Person

As the other Sims he’s come into contact with, I decide to let the conversation between Reese and Kristen take control of itself autonomously and see how far he can get chatting with her. With Kristen being a People Person, hopefully it lasts for a little bit before a Need of his requires caring or she decides to move on. But it only took around 30 in-game minutes  when Kristen decided she wanted to go inside the Gallery.

Kristen Plum (resulted from two Sims) is created by Sims player, BLKhaos_Shadami. BLKhaos_Shadami creates stories from fun challenges and posts them on the Sims Forum. She created a Sim, Antwan Plum, who has made his way into other players SimLit. Kristen Plum is one his children in the 100 Baby Challenge.

Reese gets a call from his boss when he’s in the Gallery. He’s late for work! What? I picked the option for Reese to work from home. Silly game doesn’t even remember. Glitch, maybe? I hope not. But he will be missing work today. “Sorry, Reese! I hope you’re not in too big of trouble!”

There was a Sim that looked like they were painting a mural or something, so Reese had to go check it out. There’s nothing to see yet, but the artist seems to be inspired. Her name is Holly Alto. She’s labeled as a B-Lister, she seems to be somewhat famous.

Hopefully Reese is not intruding. He goes over to Attempt Introduction. He doesn’t get turned away, but she goes back to painting. Reese will leave her be.

I sent Reese to the second level of the Gallery. Then I let the game continue playing, but scanned around looking for Kristen. After I found her and selected her for Reese to go talk to some more, I found him already chatting with Mortimer Goth. That’s nice of him to keep himself busy while I did other things. *laughing*

Kristen was over at the Gallery Bar chatting with another patron name Mele Kahananui and the bartender, Eric Lewis. Since there was an empty seat, Reese helped himself to it. The Get to Know was available for Kristen. She didn’t budge on letting Reese know about her from what she already did before about being a People Person. So, autonomously, he decided to be funny with her and that made Kristen Flirty. Who would have known to Tell Funny Story about handcuffs was a turn on.

I continued to let the autonomy take its course with a little push of ordering Reese some snacks and a drink since he started to get hungry from his Hunger Need. Other than that, the conversation with Kristen lasted about 4 in-game hours before Kristen had a bed thought bubble and left. She remained Flirty the whole time with Reese.

Reese went back to his apartment. On his way, he stopped off at one of the food stalls to grab some produce. He tried to haggle with the vendor, Ukupanipo Hekekia, but had no luck. I didn’t feel right not buying still and bought an apple from his list. Am thinking Reese can make an apple pie and invite his neighbors over again for helping him fix all those broken utilities.

The food stall next to the produce vendor opened up. We can work on Reese’s Aspiration and grab a plate of something. Eliza Pancakes was working the stall. No trying to haggle with her. Reese ordered a chicken burrito.

Look at that Uncomfortable face. Vlad is all to blame. At least he’s enjoying his burrito.

Congratulations! Reese has taken his first steps on his culinary journey through the city. Eating food from the city unlocks the ability to cook it. There are 26 more recipes to learn. Get out and try more food!

Yeah, that’s not going to happen. If he was maybe a food critic, he’d pursue this. But not for Social Media purposes.

Reese calls up his apartment neighbors to hang out for the evening. I’d like him to Get to Know his apartment neighbors more, but not all like sharing.

Reese has learned the following traits about Mandy:

  • Family Oriented

At the end of the night before going to bed, Reese updates his Social Media Status.

With a little bit of luck and perfect timing, your Social Media Status update intrigued the world.  Reese has gained 20 Followers. He now has 55 Followers in total.


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7 thoughts on “1.05: Arts Quarter”

  • Oh my gosh xD I feel so bad lol. I changed my username again to Shadami_is_Khaos cause I changed affiliation in Star Wars Battlefront 2. XD it’s so nice to see Kristen enjoying being flirty with Reese! So exciting!!!

    • Names don’t really matter. I put the actual name so people can find the Sim artist better.

      Kristen was putting the moves on Reese. Sadly, he did recriprocate. He continued trying to be funny. I thought after 4 hours of chat, they’d have become friends or something. If there’s an option, I might have to force it as I want Reese to be friends with any Sims he meets that were created by others.

  • Oh that Vlad…get a garlic wreath lol Wow! It lasts 24 hours, eh? Poor Reese! And then he works from home and his boss tells him he’s late for work! hehehe That Kristen was really liking that chat with Reese! Oh la la! She’s a kinky one getting all flirty from a handcuff joke! hehehe Fun chapter!

    • Work must have been short staffed and the boss didn’t get the memo he was working from home…lol

      Kristen was being Flirty the whole time with Reese and he wasn’t picking up on it. Bad Reese! I was hoping he would have been Flirty back.

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