1.04: Welcome Wagon

I use MC Command Center (MCCC) mod which allows a lot of control over the gameplay. One option is to allow unplayed Sims to get married and have children. I have this set to happen if the Sims live in a household. All the Sims I put into the game are marked playable until Reese finds a significant other. Then the rest will be changed to unplayed so MCCC can take over their lives. In-game overnight, there were a lot of marriage notifications that happened. I was shocked and amused to find out who was marrying who. If Reese encounters any of the unplayed Sims, they will be shown in the chapter’s Relationship Profile(s) portion at the bottom and you’ll see who they married.

Reese was in for a treat when he woke up the next morning. Everything broke in his apartment. Not just one or two things. His stove and refrigerator are zapped in the kitchen area while the sink overflowed. In the bathroom, the toilet, sink, and shower are overflowing and the floor is a mess with water. These gremlins mean business.

He’s hungry for breakfast, so the first that needs to be fixed is the fridge. He’ll have a bowl of cereal as using the stove is not going to happen. He was also able to Scavenge for Parts to sell for 40 simoleons.

Then it was time for Reese to fix the sink in the kitchen area. He was able to sell some parts from the sink for an additional 20 simoleons.

By the time he finished fixing the sink, it was time for him to head off for his first day of work. Sadly, he has to go the bathroom. His Bladder Need is in the yellow. But there was no time. He changed into his everyday outfit and headed out the door with a frown on his face and feeling Uncomfortable.

The stove in the kitchen is still giving off electrical sparks and his bathroom is a mess. I’m curious how this is going to turn out in 6 in-game hours when Reese gets home from work.

At work, Reese is trying to figure out how to gain more followers. He thinks up the idea of going after a celebrity with negative gossip. That’ll bring attention to his Social Media Page. But is this really Reese? I don’t think so. Reese wouldn’t stoop to that level. He’d find another way to grab attention that isn’t ruthless.

Even though Reese had an awful morning at home, he had a great day at work. By the end of his shift, he received a promotion; on his first day of the job. He must have done something right.

However, his mood was sour when he got back to his apartment complex. He wants to watch something on the television as he Needs Amusement (From Low Fun). I suppose it won’t hurt to turn on the television for a little bit before having to go back to repairing. Luckily his apartment didn’t burn down from the stove still sparking away.

But it seems the nasty gremlins also got the t.v. Poor Reese. In the end, he was able to sell parts for 25 simoleons. At least he’s gaining a skill and increasing his household funds with this. But this isn’t the lifestyle Reese is looking for.

Just as Reese sat down to watch a comedy show, the Welcome Wagon arrived. All his apartment complex neighbors were there. Perhaps Mandy is feeling bad for being bored when he visited her yesterday in-game time and got the other apartment dwellers to say hello. A new Sim was there. His name is Raj Rasoya. He must be Geeta’s son. Good to have another male Sim in the apartment complex.

After Reese invited them all in, he and Mandy sat down at the table autonomously. She was in a Focused mood this time rather than a bored. That’s good. I was curious to see what these two were chatting about, so I rolled my mouse over the interaction menu where her head was. It looks like they are talking about neighborhood changes. “Tell them to get rid of the gremlins who break everything, Reese and Mandy!”

Geeta seems to be thinking they all should be trying her fruitcake she made. She grabbed a piece for herself. I never liked fruitcake. I did try it once. It just didn’t fit my taste buds. I know plenty of people who do like it. As well as many who don’t. To each their own, I say. Kudos if you like it, kudos if you don’t.

Willow decided to stay outside. I think she’s aware of all the problems Reese has going on in his apartment.

Again, I let the conversation between Reese, Mandy, and Geeta play out autonomously until the Welcome Wagon event ended.

Reese has learned the following traits about Mandy:

  • Cheerful

Raj took it upon himself to work on fixing Reese’s broken stove. What a nice neighbor.

And Willow finally came inside only to start mopping the bathroom floor. “That not going to do any good unless someone fixes all that stuff so the water isn’t overflowing everywhere, Willow!” Poor woman is going keep mopping at this rate. *laughing*

Geeta joins Willow in the bathroom and begins repairing the toilet. Reese has such nice neighbors. But she only does it partially. By the time she leaves, it’s still overflowing. At least she tried.

When the welcome wagon was finally over and the neighbors went back to their own apartments, Reese went back to watching t.v. He turned on a late night comedy show.

By midnight, he had his Fun Need back in the green and fixed his bathroom utilities. He was ready for bed. But first he had to update his Social Media Status. He needs to share what pleasant neighbors he has… even if they are a bit noisy at night!

Social Media Status? Updated! Who cares? Looks like 20 new Followers care. Nice! Reese has gained 20 Followers. He now has 35 Followers in total.



Charisma (1/10)
Comedy (1/10)
Cooking (1/10)
Handiness (3/10)


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8 thoughts on “1.04: Welcome Wagon”

  • Thanks for another great update!

    Also, I am so thankful that you mentioned that at the beginning about MCCC and unplayed sims. I have it now in my game and am setting it up to get things moving but my issue before was that all the potential spouses got snatched up so quickly – thanks to your post I now will remember to mark them as played until I am ready to let the mod take over. I need to check within the modules to make sure it is leaving played sims alone though!

    Looking forward to your next update!

    • Yes, make sure you do the latter about the mod not touching played Sims. I recommend doing a test save and just playing with all the options. That’s what did when I first used MCCC. Let me know if you need help with anything in regards to it. I’ll do my best to assist.

      • Well, I finally started and MCCC is definitely working. It’s funny because I put Mandy in my game as well to see what would happen (she was placed across the street) and before I knew it, she had been moved out and is now living with Raj Rasoya – so she basically ended up in more or less the same place she is in your game!) My sims didn’t even get to meet her so hopefully we’ll run into her sometime later!

        Hopefully I have my settings in a good place but just going to keep going and tweak it as I go!

  • Oh my gosh! The gremlins have taken over the apartment! Poor Reese. But the good news is that Reese and the Welcome Wagon neighbors fixed most of it. And, Reese got a promo at work! Yeah! And who were those noisy neighbors? lol One of his love interests?

    • This was just day one with the gremlins. Not looking forward to the rest. πŸ˜€

      I didn’t check who the noisy neighbors were. I just saw he had a red bar in his moods and then it showed it was Noisy Neighbors.

    • I was very happy that Raj, Willow, and Geeta chipped in to help Reese fix up his apartment autonomously. He’ll have to invite them over often.

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