1.03: Neighbors

Reese is sent back to his apartment complex after creating his Social Media Profile. Luckily, I found out he can update everything he needs to about his social media page on his phone. He may not need another visit to the library or buy a laptop. I could be getting ahead myself, and Reese’s, and he may still need some type of computer.

Now that Reese has found an apartment and a job, he should go out and meet people. After all, for his first Milestone of City Native – Tourist, is to Introduce Self to Someone New in 3 Different City Neighborhoods.

The first one can be his neighbor right across the hall. He actually has three neighbors within the complex and I randomly picked the one straight across from his apartment. I have Reese go ahead and knock on the door.

The apartment looks to be rented by an elderly woman named Geeta Rasoya. Reese decided to give a Respectful Introduction. He sat down next to Geeta on her couch and I think she is aware of his apartment gremlins breaking things. Nothing has broken yet, but maybe she’s giving Reese a warning. She might be a nice woman, but a little too old for Reese to hang out with within the same apartment complex.

There were two other apartments in the complex. The next one Reese knocked on the door was the apartment right next to his where the walls were touching. If anything was going on in one of the apartments, this is the one he’d hear the most from.

Reese was let in, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone around. There was a woman outside by the elevator throwing trash down the chute. This apartment probably belongs to her.

Reese goes out to give her a Friendly Introduction. Her name is Mandy Trammell. More his age, this time. She looks like a nice Sim. Pretty as well. But why is she bored? Is Reese already boring after his introduction? Reese tries to Get to Know Mandy.

Reese has learned the following traits about Mandy:

  • Creative

Oh, that’s nice. Reese has the Creative trait, too. I let the gameplay take over and let the two chat autonomously. Mandy continued to remain bored and finally walked away about 40 in-game minutes later. I guess Reese is boring to her. *laughing*

Mandy Trammell is created by Sims player, Llandros2012. Llandros2012 had been following along Plain ol’ Legacy before its reboot.

Let’s go ahead and have Reese introduce himself to his final neighbor. There was a little game lag when trying to get a screencap of Reese knocking on the door, so I missed it. But we get to see Reese walking into the apartment he was invited into.

Reese’s neighbor was watching a television show. He goes over to give her a Friendly Introduction. She’s young and pretty, too. Her name is Willow Winters. Reese tries to Get to Know her as well. Glad she’s not bored. *laughing*

Like with Mandy, I let the conversation take control autonomously. Even though I did the Get to Know option on Willow, she wasn’t budging on letting Reese know about her. The two talked about other things for a good hour and 45 minutes in-game time. It turned from a Casual Discussion to a Pleasant Conversation. But Reese started to get hungry at this point as his Hunger Need went into the yellow. Reese said Goodbye and went back to his apartment.

Willow Winters is created by Sims player, Munter_Bacon. Munter_Bacon has a few SimLit written and some of my created Sims are in those. As of this chapter, I haven’t heard from Munter_Bacon from the Sims Forums. I still believe he is a talented creator and hope all is well with him.

Part of this Milestone for Reese is to also Order 3 Times from Food Stalls. This being his first day in the city, I think he’d preferably eat in. At least that is what I would want to do.

It’s a Mac and Cheese dinner night for Reese. I was almost afraid he’d burn down his kitchen area his first day in his apartment, but he made a decent mac and cheese instead. I eat mac and cheese all the time myself. Of course, I use the box version. Good ol’ Reese made it from scratch and added some extra ingredients into it.

Reese gets a whim to Call Someone on the Phone (From Being Happy). Geeta would be a good Sim to get advice from, not casual chat. Mandy was bored with Reese. He’ll have to work on that, but not over the phone. He had a great time with Willow, so she is the most likely choice to call up.

I was hoping the notification would share something Reese and Willow talked about, but there was nothing by the time he hung up with her. Oh, well. At least he’s happy to be talking to her some more.

At the end of each night for Reese, I’m going to have him get on his phone to Update Social Media Status. As this gameplay is not a chapter per in-game day type of blog, I won’t always be showing this. I will on occasion so you as the reader can see how many Followers Reese has been gaining.

Reese’s Social Media Status has been updated. Rejoice in knowing that you’ve gained 15 Followers. Reese now has 15 Followers in total.

“Not bad for a first day, Reese!”



Charisma (1/10)
Cooking (1/10)


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6 thoughts on “1.03: Neighbors”

  • Oh, good ole Mandy – she was one of the very first sims I ever created – no idea why she was bored but I have put her through quite a bit over the years. Hopefully, things will improve for her in your save!

    Willow is cute and it looks like there is some interest there. I am curious to see what happens with these – even if they get lost to the whims of MCCC!! Hope to see more of both and the other new residents you’ve added to San Myshuno.

    Great update and looking forward to the next one. Thanks for including one of my sims in your game – it’s so fun to see them pop up like this!

    • I already know all of Mandy’s traits but have to play it out as if Reese doesn’t. I have no idea why she was bored. But as Reese talked to her, the boredom remained and she eventually just walked away. I laughed. Was rude, but funny as heck.

      I was happy to see she had the Creative trait just like Reese. I randomly put her in that apartment. I opened my gallery and selected the options of those I was Following and Households. Then I went through and picked random female Sims and placed them in each apartment. Some will have siblings.

      I don’t think I’ll have him visit other apartment complexes as of yet. I’m hoping Reese will meet other apartment dwellers I added into the gameplay when he wanders the city.

  • Nice neighbors, Willow and Mandy. And poor Reese bored Mandy! lol Good he is getting going on his social media blog, Yes!

    • Well, we know Willow is. Mandy walked off while Reese was still talking to her…cause she was bored with the conversation I am guessing. šŸ˜€ I’m curious how many Followers Reese can get before the Generation 2 heir(ess) is chosen.

    • Geeta seems like a very nice neighbor.

      Still not sure why Mandy was bored with Reese. šŸ˜€ I think both Mandy and Willow are pretty looking. Hope readers can see other Sims I added to the game soon.

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