1.02: Career Oriented

Reese rented the 17 Culpepper House apartment. Rent would be 400 simoleons a week with an 800 simoleons down deposit. If he wanted it furnished he also had to pay 7,950 simoleons. This left Reese with 11,250 simoleons for himself.

He is also going to sucumb to the nasty gremlins challenge where things will break around Reese’s apartment. I guess his Handiness skill will quickly be ranked up if this is the case. I don’t think he’s going to be able to constantly afford a repairman.

After moving Reese into the apartment, I filled up all the other vacant apartments with Sims from The Sims 4 Gallery. I searched through galleries from those I follow. For those who took part in reading the Plain ol’ Legacy before its reboot, you might see some familiar faces. I am treating this as a multiverse. That way some Sims may act the same they did in the previous version.

Previously before the reboot, lifespan was on Long. I did enjoy that at the beginning, but then it just seemed the chapters would drag on and I would use the MC Command Center mod to fast forward in time. For the reboot, I am going to keep it on Normal. With this in mind, Reese has 23 days left of being a young adult. I shouldn’t have to use the mod to move time forward now.

Even though I moved the lifespan from Long to Normal, I kept the calendar season timeframe the same as before the reboot. Each season will be 28 days. When starting a fresh gameplay, it asks what season should the game be started in. The first in line was Spring, so I went with that. Today is the first day of Spring for Reese.

For the season of Spring, there are two holidays. The game generated holiday is Love Day. I then created another one called Springfest. I won’t go into details what I created as tasks for it right now. We’ll wait for the holiday to make its way before going over what Reese should do to celebrate it.

As I mentioned earlier, the main goal of this Legacy is for each Generation founder and heir(ess) to complete their Aspiration. Within the Aspiration panel are rewards. To retrieve these awards, the Sim will earn points when doing whims. These rewards can be very helpful to the Sim or their family. I’ll be making sure I try to have Reese’s whims worked on while also getting his Aspiration completed.

One of Reese’s first set of whims is to Start a New Career (From Being Ambitious). His traits will play a big part in certain whims he wants to do. Other whims will come from his moods as well. By the looks of it, Reese is ready and wanting to make them simoleons.

Now Reese just needs a fitting job that I think would make sense for the city type. I have to keep in mind he’s got the Creative and Outgoing traits.

San Myshuno has a lot to offer and explore. And when exploring, what better thing to do is to blog about it or share your interest in it. I think a career in Social Media would be a perfect step in the right direction for Reese. His Aspiration is going to take him all around the city I am guessing being a City Native. Why not get paid for it as well. Reading up on the Social Media career, he’ll be able to either go into work or stay at home and do the job.

His Outgoing trait will fit in more than his Creative. But maybe Reese will show a whim that can be done to help his creative side while out in the city.

Reese starts out as a Media Intern and will work Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 3:00pm. Not bad hours I must say. The pay isn’t all that great at 16 simoleons an hour, but it will pay the bills for now.

As soon as the job is accepted as a Media Intern, Reese is asked if he wants to create his social media profile. This is a no brainer. Of course Reese does.

However, Reese needs a computer to access the internet to create his profile page. The apartment unfortunately did not come with one, so he needs to find a library. I’ll have to eventually get him a laptop for home unless he makes one of the libraries a second home for his work assignments at home.

Reese makes his way to the Willow Creek Archive Library and hops on a computer.

Reese has created a new Social Media Profile. Nobody can go anywhere in the Social Media sphere if they don’t have an online presence. Use your Social Media Profile to gain followers, grow your network, and become an online powerhouse.


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12 thoughts on “1.02: Career Oriented”

  • Good luck with those repairs! I normally start in that front apartment that has the ghosts show up – either way you’ get your handiness leveled up!

    I don’t remember if I ever did the social media job – I don’t think I have or it’s just been too long ago (creature of habit and always do the same things).

    That’s a great idea to fill up the rest of the apartments- looking forward to who Reese will run into – and working from home gives him some time to work on that aspiration and meet a lot of people. Good choices all around!

    • Yeah, those repairs are going to be fun. Before the reboot, Levi had a bunch of gnomes who fixed things around the apartment. Reese will have the opposite. It will be nice to see him become a handyman.

      I ventured into the Social Media career just for a bit in the past. Will be fun to dive into it more as Reese works on his Aspiration.

  • Okay, giving yourself an additional challenge with the gremlins. lol And the Social Media Career. Oh…I had started that at one time with a sim, but never finished it, so this will be a good one to watch. It fits in really well with San Myshuno, so, yes, looking forward to this! Great start for Reese.

    • I’ve played with the Social Media career too but never got far with it. Hopefully Reese can. It really does fit well with his Aspiration and the city of San Myshuno. They click, so I’m hoping Reese goes far with it.

  • Wonderful start. I forgot there are actually landlords that show up on the relationship panel. I think that’s a very cute touch since you can get to know your landlord. Look forward to seeing how Reese does.

    • Thanks for replying. Yeah, he’s never really met the landlord, but since he wants his rent money, he’s in Reese’s relationship panel. 😀

  • Your Simselfie did the social media job in LASL. It was fun to watch him max without any input from me. Good luck, Reese, and hope the repairs aren’t too horrible. You can always call the landlord to help with repairs.

  • This looks like fun. I like how you’ve set everything up. I’ve never done the social media career. Good luck to Reese with his job and keeping the appliances in his apartment from breaking down.

    • Thanks for visiting.

      I’ve only gotten to a certain length in the career in the past. Not sure how far Reese will get. My main goal is him getting his Aspiration complete. Once that is done, maybe I can focus him on his career to him getting to the top as close as possible.

      Evil gremlins! Hopefully Reese can keep them at bay. 😀

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