2.17: Granite Falls Hermit (part 2)

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 17: Granite Falls Hermit (part 2)

It was too dark inside the cave for Christian to see anything. He didn’t bring a flashlight, so he didn’t want to take the chance and get lost. He would come back in the morning when he knew he would have more time to search it. Christian headed back to the campsite.

As Christian headed back to camp, his sister Chloe and Don Jr were being all mushy.

Christian: Get a room you two.

Rose was already in a tent sleeping. She must have been real tired, cause she was sleeping in the boys’ tent.

Christian decided to roast a weenie while his thoughts were on the cave. Was it just a cave? Was someone, or something, living in it? Would Chloe and Don please find a private spot if they’re going to make out!

Christian loved the outdoors. He wished he could live in Granite Falls. As a youngin’, he would always play in the park. Kids his age then would either be watching television or playing video games with friends. Not Christian. He would be out in the park having fun. He didn’t remember his toddler years at Granite Falls, but visiting it today, he fell in love with it.

Smooching noises brought him back to reality.

Christian: Come on guys. Seriously. I’m trying to eat.
Don Jr: Let’s give the little boy some privacy to eat and go in your tent.
Chloe: Okay. I prefer not to smell burnt hot dogs anyway.

Chloe gives her brother a stare. Christian just rolls his eyes at her.

Don Jr and Chloe head inside the girls’ tent and continue where they left off.

The next morning Christian told the group he was heading back out to go exploring some more. He immediately went to the Forest area where the cave was. He got close to the cave.

Christian (yelling): Anyone home?

He heard nothing but a small echo of his own voice. Christian proceeded to head into the cave.


Surrounded by thickets, thorn and danger most assuredly, Christian is left with only one decision: Step forward or retreat from his adventure. He decides to move onward.

After several minutes of hacking furiously through the brush, a large web is blocking Christian’s way. One would prefer that web is not paired with a Spider. Christian decides to take his chances and go through the web.

Christian feels he is on the verge of finding something special, something to make this all worth it,  but is quickly tiring. He wants to take a rest but decides to sally forth.

Christian has navigated the nigh foiling foliage to discover a sacred cove in the midst of the forest. A cove containing a mysterious sim.

Coming out of the cave, Christian feels like he is back in the forest. But he’s never seen this part before. In the distance he notices a cabin and someone moving about next to it. He slowly approaches to see an old woman tending a garden.

Christian: Hello?

The old woman turns around startled.

Woman: Who…who are you? Where did you come from?
Christian: I found a cave in the forest. I went exploring through it and found this place.
Woman (speaking to herself): He’s a nice boy. I’ve never had visitors. Let him stay.

Christian looked around but saw no one else.

Christian: Who are you talking to?
Woman (startled again): Oh, hi. You should really be careful when wandering into caves. Anyway, welcome to my home. My name is Amanda.

Christian immediately pulls out the crinkled up papers from his pocket. Scribbled in the upper corner is the name Amanda Nelson.

Christian: No way! Is your last name Nelson?
Woman (speaking to herself): He knows who you are. Be careful when wandering around. Your parents might find you.
Christian: Are you okay?

Christian thought if this was her, she must have gone batty.

Amanda (looking at Christian): My name is Amanda. Why are you here?
Christian: I just happened to find myself wandering here. This is a nice place you have.
Amanda: Thank you. I created this myself. I’ve been here a long time.
Christian: I don’t want to impose, but can I use your bathroom?
Amanda: Of course. It’s on the left if you go through the back door.

Amanda goes back to gardening and talking to herself some more.

As Christians heads inside her home, he notices how nicely furnished it is. She must also be the Granite Falls hermit the forest ranger warned them about. To keep an eye on their stuff or it might disappear.

After going the bathroom, he headed back out to where Amanda was.

Christian: You have a nice home.
Amanda (smiling): Thank you.
Christian: Did you build all of it.
Amanda (speaking to herself): He’s asking a lot of questions, but he’s a nice boy.

Christian started to pick up that when she got nervous, she started to talk to herself, so he changed the topic.

Christian: These are such nice flowers and plants.
Amanda: Thank you. I’m in the process of creating a Youth Potion and there are certain plants that will help me. I’ve been planting all different types.

Christian for sure thought she was batty now. A Youth Potion?

Christian spent the morning and most of the afternoon with Amanda. She was a really sweet lady when she wasn’t nervous. She talked about her childhood. He didn’t ask about her going missing, though. He didn’t know how she would react. But Christian soon had to get back to his campsite.

Christian: Can I see you again after dark? I really enjoyed talking to you.
Amanda: I’d like that.

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