HoP: Chapter 11


Chapter 11


With the lot for the restaurant bought and money slowly creeping in for building purposes, it was time for Bob and Eliza to begin their new adventure. A floor plan was put together between the two of them and Dylan Wahl, their contractor and who will lead the construction team to build their new restaurant.

Dylan had sat in on the Pancakes meeting with their real estate agent during their meetings. He saw how much this restaurant meant for Eliza (more than he really did for Bob) and knew it was going to be a lot on them financially, so he offered to put together a construction team of volunteers. Dylan put an ad out he was looking for six volunteers, men and women, to join a crew to help build a restaurant.

Bob gave the reigns to Eliza when it came to going next door to catch up on the progress when the team was working. He would visit the lot with Eliza during their non working hours. He already knew he wouldn’t be comfortable with the setting of a large group.

Since Eliza worked weekdays, she asked Dylan if it would be okay if the construction could be done mostly on weekends. Some schedule juggling with the volunteers needed to be confirmed, but it seemed it was going to be an okay deal.

The morning the construction was going to start, Dylan introduced his team to Eliza.

First, Dylan introduced her to Greyson Gilbert. She extended her hand and Greyson shook it.

“Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Gilbert.” Eliza said with a smile.

“You can call me Greyson.”

“Okay, Greyson.” She continued to smile. “Thank you for helping out building the restaurant.”

“It’s my pleasure. I enjoy being outdoors. So if there’s a chance to be outside, I’ll take it”

Eliza noticed he had that confident attitude and thought he was going to be a good fit.

Next for introductions, Dylan brought Casey and Brandy Chambers over.

“You two look so much alike.” Eliza complimented.

“That’s because we’re twins. But I’m the better half.” Brandy grins evilly at her brother Casey, who sighs.

“It’s so nice outside.” Casey says finally with a smile.

“Yes it is.” Eliza responds. “I appreciate the both of you taking time to help out.”

Dylan escorts Eliza over to where Maggie Pepperpot was standing.

“This is Maggie.” Dylan tells Eliza. “She’s here more or less to make sure the plumbing and the sort work correctly.”

“Just call me Mags.” Maggie says with a cheerful smile. “And you bet your bottom about the plumbing. It runs in the family. Pun intended. Girls do these things better than boys anyhow.”

Dylan smirks at Maggie.

Eliza noticed Marco Orellana off by himself, so she asked Dylan if he could introduce her to him next. The two hit it off pretty well when talking about housing.

“I live by myself.” Marco tells Eliza. “I enjoy the bachelor scene. It allows me to buy what I want when I want.”

Nearby, Dylan sees that there was one more introduction that needed to be made.

Emilio Marino noticed Dylan looking his way, so he said something to Maggie out of earshot and headed towards Dylan and Eliza.

“Hey there!” Emilio said to Eliza. “Nice piece of land you have here. I’m Emilio.”

Eliza waved to Emilio. He was sure talkative she noticed. And friendly. He didn’t look bad either, she thought. She knew he must work out.

“Thank you for coming to help out with the building of the restaurant that will be placed here.” Eliza told Emilio.

“Happy to help. I hope I get to be one of your first customers when you open.”

Eliza wasn’t sure he was flirting with her or just being friendly. Neither could Dylan. She took it as him just being friendly.

“Thank you for volunteering your time to do this.” Eliza said.

Soon after, it was just Dylan and Eliza. The construction team were off chatting with each other waiting for Dylan to begin his project managing.

“I guess I’ll leave it up to you now. I’ll be back later in a couple hours with lunch. My husband cooks the best food and I made sure he made hearty meals for your staff.”

“Much appreciated, ma’am. Don’t hesitate to stop by other times as well. This is your restaurant and I want to make sure it’s done your way.”

Eliza thanked Dylan and went across the street where home was.

Dylan gathered his team together and said, “All right boys and girls. Let’s get to work!”


Note from the Author: I hope you enjoyed this beginning chapter introducing the construction team who will be building the Pancakes Willow Creek restaurant. The sims within the team were created by Sims fans such as yourself. Please visit the Galleries of these awesome designers by copying their Gallery ID from the next paragraph, opening up the Gallery page from your game, select Community, select EA Account ID from the dropdown box, and pasting their Gallery ID.

Construction Team credit: LegacySims2017, SoulGal7, skcaga6, Maladi, EuphorialQueen, and sophaloaf123

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  • The construction team looks great. What a bunch of great looking sims. I am sure that Dylan will have that restaurant up in no time. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

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