HoP: Chapter 10


Chapter 10


Bob noticed Eliza’s reaction when he asked her where they should hang the painting. Obviously this was a clue she didn’t want to hang it up on a wall anywhere in their home.

“I know.” Bob said. “I’ll keep it in my room near my bed, so I can view it every night before bed.”

This made Eliza blush. Which was better than freaking out, Bob thought.

On an early evening within the week, Bob and Eliza met once again with the real estate agent and bought the lot across from their house. Now the Pancakes owned another piece of land besides the one their home is sitting on.

“Owning a restaurant is hard work,” the agent said. “Approximately fifty-nine point nine percent of new restaurants fail within the first year. However, with proper management, skilled employees, a delicious menu, and a little plasma, sweat and tears, your restaurant just might succeed.”

Bob and Eliza made the decision, along with the real estate agent, that it would be best to build as time and simoleons permit. The real estate agent would work directly with the contractor. In fact, the contractor said he was putting together a team of volunteer construction workers from around Sim City that he would like them to work on the restaurant.

Bob worked from two in the afternoon to ten at night while Eliza worked from nine in the morning to five at night. They both were still able to have breakfast and dinner together. They both were happy that their work schedules didn’t prevent them spending time apart with different hours.

Bob was inspired to start a fruit and vegetable garden from Eliza’s painting she gave him. He wanted to expand on his cooking skills and what better way than to add fresh homegrown ingredients besides the ones from the grocery store.

He found a farmer’s market and bought some starter seeds meant for a beginner gardener. Plus, this would be good for testing as well. He planted two trees, an apple and plantain. Then he planted seeds for grapes and strawberries for fruit and carrots, mushrooms, and spinach for vegetables.

One day at work while Eliza was cleaning the museum, she noticed that one of the labels may have incorrectly listed the wrong artist. Being the perfectionist she is, she reported it to a higher up. But she was wrong. The label was accurate. There was an opening for a Gift Shop Cashier, but she wouldn’t get it now. She was lucky to keep her job as a Palette Cleaner.

On her break at work, Eliza would go to the Gallery’s library where they kept many collections of artist’s books and reorganize them her own way. Perfectionist Eliza at work. No one knew it was her, but the manager was frustrated that they kept having to move books around. One day the manager approached her.

“I notice you’re always here on your break. Are you an avid artist?” The manager asks.

Eliza replies, “Not really. I just love looking at artwork. I have some nice pieces in my home. I’m a collector I guess I would say.”

“How would you like to help out in the library? Someone seems to constantly move books around and we need to have a professional look about it. Plus you won’t have to clean the floors anymore.”

Eliza liked the idea and she accepted. However, she didn’t think to ask more about the position as to organizing the books. She didn’t connect the dots that manager was talking about her being the one unorganizing the books the way the Gallery wanted them to be. Unfortunately, the books must be reshelved by number, and no one sees the genius in Eliza reshelving them by complementary color. Visionaries are often misunderstood.

When she got home, she told Bob of her new job. Same hours, but a little bit more pay. Her job title was Art Book Collator.

Eliza continued to paint on her days off and sometimes before or after work. She was beginning to understand Bob now how he got his inspiration to cook after work. He didn’t like his job, but he would always make great food when he got home. Could this work for her? Could she do some really great art pieces soon from working at a job where she liked the atmosphere, but not really the work?

Even after her new position, she still didn’t think her paintings were all that great, but she would continue to work on them. She would toss them out when done. She never showed them to Bob.

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  • Yeah! They bought land! It’s a start. And Eliza has a new job with a bit more pay. That’s so great! Bob is planting a small garden to test some new ingredients. Everything seems to be going great for the two of them. Can’t wait to read the next chapter.

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