HoP: Chapter 9


Chapter 9


Eliza arrived home after Bob had already left for work. She went back onto the computer and looked up the Painter career to get more information.

To create great art, one must suffer. Eliza is well on her way to greatness, as she will be asked to create floor-based installations using a water-based medium (i.e. mopping the floor).

The position was not a great one, but it was an entry-level position for a Palette Cleaner at 1000 Words Art Gallery. She would earn §23/hr and would only work weekdays from nine to five. Her first day would be tomorrow. She would tell Bob the good news when he got home.

Eliza felt inspired to paint. She’s had an easel in her bedroom for the longest time, but it hasn’t been used since the relationship between Bob and Eliza took a downward spiral. But with the recent events, things have picked up in their relationship. They were talking more.

She didn’t know what to paint, so she let her hands do the thinking.

Knowing that her husband loves to cook and make food, she would paint something for him. She was happy that he was slowly getting on board of the owning a business thing.

Eliza is a bit of a perfectionist, so when her painting was done, she felt a bit embarrassed. This was imperfect for her. Not something one would show at an art gallery or have hanging when company comes over. This didn’t mean she was not liking the work she had done, though.

She would give this to Bob when he got home and she told him the news of her new job. In the meantime, she would continue to practice until she was at her perfectionist stage. Perhaps if she keeps her job in the company while also running a restaurant, she could become a really good painter and even make quality paintings she can show off or sell.

That evening after Bob was home from work and made dinner for the two of them, Eliza decided to tell him of her good news.

“I found a job today.” She said.

“Really? You decided on one of those careers? What will you be doing?” Bob asked.

“I’ll be working at 1000 Arts Gallery. Mostly doing housekeeping type work. But I’ll be around painters and be able to pick up some advice on how to be a good painter. If I show a lot of interest, maybe I can move up in the company.”

“That’s great news.”

The two finished their meal while Bob talked about his day at work. This was bringing back old times for the both of them. The two were currently still considered young adults, but at the end of their teenage years and beginning their stages of adulthood as young adults, this is how they would be together. It was when they bought this home together when they realized how different they really were and things started to drift apart.

Afterwards, Eliza washed the dishes when Bob went into the living room to watch a little television before bedtime. Eliza came in.

“I have something for you.” Eliza told Bob. “A little appreciation gift for you.”

Bob was expecting this because Eliza would use any excuse to go out and buy something, but he also was curious why she would go out spending money when now was the time they wanted to start saving so they could open a restaurant. Typical Eliza.

Eliza took Bob upstairs to her easel.

“I painted this for you. It’s nothing big. Just a thank you for being positive about this doing something different and wanting to open a business together.”

Bob felt stupid now. Here he was thinking she went out spending money on gifts and she decided to create something for him.

“I like it. And this is something big. It’s a big watermelon.” Bob chuckled. “Seriously, I do like it. So where are we going to hang it? The living room? Dining room?”

Eliza totally forgot that he probably would want to hang it somewhere. She didn’t want to hang it where visitors would see it, but she also didn’t want to be rude. She hesitated.

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