2.16: Granite Falls Hermit (part 1)

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 16: Granite Fall Hermit (part 1)

The weekend had arrived. The two sets of twins made plans to head to Granite Falls for the weekend. They would leave Friday night and return Sunday night. Andrew and Zoe gave permission to Christian and Chloe. Don and Violet had no problems with letting Junior and Rose go as well.

The four packed their bags and coolers. They decided they were going to sleep outdoors as they didn’t have the money to spend on lodging. As soon as they made it to the Falls, they found a clear area and pitched their tents. The boys were going to sleep in one tent and the girls the other.

After everyone settled in, Christian said he was going to go out exploring.

Christian: Hey guys. I want to check this place out more. It’s been forever since I’ve been here and I want to see the lay of the lands.
Chloe: Just be careful, brother. Remember there are strange people always around.
Christian: Yeah, yeah! I’ll be back before it gets too dark.

As Christian heads further away from the campgrounds, he pulls out a couple of papers from his pocket. It had writing and drawings about a girl who went missing in Granite Falls. His older brother, Bucky, had written about this when he was a child and Christian was only a toddler.

Recently, Christian read about the Granite Falls hermit. It was an old woman who would steal from campgrounds and lodges when no one was around. Nothing harmful came from it. People would only claim they were missing stuff and others claimed they saw an old woman taking things from other places. The camp Rangers never could prove anything or locate this person. Christian wondered if it was the same woman who went missing a long time ago. He was destined to find out.

Christian folded up the papers and stuck them back in his pocket.

Christian made his way to the Granite Falls Forest National Park. Wandering around he found a broken down tree. Something caught his eye to the left. It was a distance away, but it looked like a hole. He ventured further into the woods and the hole got bigger.

It seemed to be a cave of some sort. Christian looked up to the sky. He thought he had an hour, maybe two at most, before it would get dark.

Christian moved closer to the cave.


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