HoP: Chapter 8


Chapter 8


Eliza never thought of herself getting a job. Bob made enough simoleons for them to make a living. She agreed with Bob that it would help move things along faster, but what would she do?

After Bob had left for work, she went upstairs to his room. She went online to check out all the available job openings in the surrounding area. Although it was in his room, they shared the computer and everything else. They just slept in separate rooms.

She found so many career opportunities.

Astronaut. Career headliner: Who doesn’t dream of going to space. Become an astronaut and the galaxy will be your playground.

Athlete. Career headliner: An athlete requires physical strength, speed, endurance, and intelligence. Start a career where enthusiastic fans will shout your name, wear your jersey, and remember your feats forever.

Business. Career headliner: Synergy! Efficiency! Planfulness! If the mere sound of these industry buzzwords gets you buzzing, then a career in business might just be the right fit for you.

Culinary. Career headliner: Anyone can make dinner or mix a drink at home. The culinary career is for those who want to take it to another level and make money doing it.

Entertainer. Career headliner: You’ve wanted your name in lights from the time you could spell it, maybe even before. Answer your calling and claim your fame as a professional entertainer, either making the audience laugh with you or melting their hearts with your melodies.

Painter. Career headliner: Create your own world with a few strokes of a brush! Make a place for yourself in the art world with hyperreal masterpieces or abstract works of unsettling beauty.

Secret Agent. Career headliner: Live life unnoticed as a covert operative. From infiltrating enemy headquarters to the art of interrogation, the more you learn, the less you’ll be known.

Tech Guru. Career headliner: Who needs college with programming skills like yours? Opportunity is out there, ripe for the picking, and you and your big brain are ready to pluck away.

Writer. Career headliner: Get paid to express your ideas with beautiful turns of phrase, and words–wonderful words!

The three careers that jumped out at Eliza were Business, Painter, and Writer. Joining the Business career would give her a heads up on running a business. This could teach her many things. She owns an easel and has done some paintings of her own, so being a professional Painter might be fun. And finally, she’s always dreamed of writing. She would discuss this with Bob tomorrow.

The next morning at breakfast both spoke in almost unison that they had some news to share.

“You first.” Eliza said with a smile.

“I made a strong complaint to the bosses that I wasn’t comfortable being a Mixologist. I stated my case strongly enough they took me out and moved me to another position. They moved me to line cook.”

“That’s wonderful.” Eliza responded. “Now you can start cooking at your job.”

“Not exactly. My duties include station setup, prepping food, cleaning up, and stocking. Basically what real cooks don’t want to do. But it’s a major step up from Mixology. What’s your news?”

“I did a little research last night.” Eliza begins. “I checked out to see what career opportunities were available and I narrowed it down to three.”

“Yeah?” Bob asks.

“Either something in business, painting, or writing. What do you think I should do?”

“Whatever you want.” Bob responds. “All three sound exciting.”

Changing the topic back to Bob, Eliza asks, “So what are your hours now?”

“Two o’clock to ten o’clock. Pretty close to what I had as a Caterer. They know I’m a chef at heart, so they’re having me start right away. My first shift as line cook is today.”

They finished their pancake breakfast in silence. Afterwards, Bob did his usual of throwing the dishes in the sink and heading towards the living room to watch television. Eliza washed the dishes and headed upstairs to change. When she came back down, she said her usual…

“I’m going out.”

Eliza went to her favorite museum, Municipal Muses. After seeing Mortimer Goth there and having a conversation, she began to notice the paintings and pictures more than she had in the past. The detailed work put into the paintings or the photography imagery.

After she headed to the second level of the museum, she noticed an unfinished painting on an easel. She admired its beauty. She wondered if the person didn’t finish it on purpose.

Eliza knew what she wanted to do now. She wanted to be a Painter.

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  • Well, Eliza has some interesting choices of a new career. Painting seems like a good choice, and she is a perfectionist, so maybe some of her artwork can also decorate the restaurant. Oh, so happy for Bob being changed to line cook. A step in the right direction, as far as cooking is concerned.

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