HoP: Chapter 7


Chapter 7


After Bob and Eliza had breakfast, they got ready to have a meeting with a contractor and a real estate agent. Eliza made sure Bob didn’t wear his normal grunge outfit that he would wear every day after work. She wanted to make sure they made a good impression, so she would dress him if she had to.

The real estate agent met Bob and Eliza at their house.

“We have a few empty lots here in Willow Creek and a couple in Oasis Springs we can look at.” The agent said.

“We’re interested in Willow Creek right now.” Eliza responded.

“Then we’ll look at those for sure. Keep your options open in case you don’t like what you see. You’ll be happy to know that there is an empty lot right across the street. We can walk there. The contractor is there waiting for us.”

The three walk over to the empty lot where the contractor is waiting for them. The contractor introduces himself and goes over the details of the empty lot.

“The lot is called Potters Splay. The size is 30×20 and would cost 2,500 simoleons to purchase.” He points to a small lake. “There is a fishing spot over there. And the park is right behind us.”

Soon after, the four are walking over to the second empty lot in Willow Creek. This one was called Hallow Slough. It was the same size as Potters Splay, but was a little pricier of §5,500. This one was surrounded by one occupied home and two unoccupied. The contractor explains more about the lot as well.

The last one the real estate agent shows them was called Bargain Blend. It was the same size of the other two and the cost was the cheapest at §2,000.

“Shall we go to Oasis Springs and see their available lots?” the agent asks Bob and Eliza.

“I think I’d like to discuss the three you showed us here in Willow Creek first with my husband.” Eliza answered.

“No problem.”

The agent walks the four back to Bob and Eliza’s home. Eliza invites the other two in and everyone sits down at the dining room table. Of course, Bob becomes uncomfortable. He lets Eliza do all of the talking. He nods his head and agrees with whatever Eliza says.

“I still need to talk this over with my husband a bit more.” Eliza tells the agent. “Can I get back to you?”

“Sure. You have my card. My cell is on there. Give me a call anytime. Leave me a message if you get my voicemail and I’ll get back to you when time permits.”

“Thank you very much.” Eliza says.

Eliza escorts the agent and contractor to the door. She shakes their hands before they leave. Bob took this time to head upstairs and change into his grunge clothes. Eliza came upstairs to his room.

“So what do you think?” she asks Bob.

“Which lot did you like?” Bob asked. “I like the one across the street. We can walk home together after sending our employees off for the day.”

Eliza was happy Bob was getting into the idea more. She was concerned about the cost, though. She had rushed into wanting to do something with Bob, but didn’t consider the extended cost.

“Do you think we have enough simoleons to cover the cost of the lot so no one else will snatch it?” Eliza asked. “Then we can figure out construction cost.”

“Last time we did bills, we had over twenty-one thousand simoleons, so I see no problem with purchasing the lot.” Bob replied.

It was well into the afternoon. Bob made his way into the living room to watch t.v. and Eliza decided to go out. She was hoping to run into a Goth or Landgraab again to keep tabs on them. It would take some time for her to catch up on having the Pancakes house be as expensive as the other two, but she wanted to get there and exceed it. With running a restaurant, this will help bring in more income as well as hopefully bring her closer to Bob.

Bob had to be to work at six o’clock, so he made dinner around four-thirty. Eliza would be coming home shortly, so he made sure dinner was ready. He was putting dinner on the table when she walked in. She grabbed a plate and sat down next to him.

“I had a thought while I was watching the television and taking a short nap,” Bob said. “If we’re going to open a restaurant and we need more income, perhaps you could get a temporary job in the meantime.”

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  • Well, they seem quite serious in opening a restaurant and look at those lots together. That is a good thing. And Bob getting the idea that Eliza should get a job! Way to go Bob!

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