HoP: Chapter 5


Chapter 5


Bob almost choked on his pancakes when Eliza asked him about opening a restaurant.

“A restaurant?” he asked.

“Why not?” she asked. “It could be fun. You’re a wonderful cook, so you could run the kitchen. I could run the front of the restaurant. Guest greet and all the other fanciness.”

All of a sudden, Bob’s phone rang. He checked to see who it was. It was his work calling, so he answered.

“Hello?” Bob said.

“Hey, Bob. This is your boss, Jefferson Davis. I need a really big favor from you. Our Mixologist bailed on us and quit. We’ve got your catering position covered if you could come into Make a Dish at six o’clock tonight. We could use you for the overnight shift.”

“I don’t know, I’ll have to check with my wife. Can you hold for a moment?”

“Sure. Tell her it’s important.”

Bob covers the phone.

“Boss wants me to work a late shift tonight. Are you okay with that?” Bob asks Eliza.

“What time will you be home?”

Bob uncovers the phone.

“What time will I be getting off?” He asks his boss.

“I’d say a little after two in the morning. Bar closes then.”

Bob covers the phone again.

“Sometime after two in the morning.”

Eliza sighs. “I suppose one night won’t hurt. I won’t stay up that late, though.”

“You don’t have to wait up for me. If you want, I can cook you something before I go.” he replies back.

Eliza nods and then gets up. She takes her plate along with Bob’s finished plate to the kitchen and starts washing the dishes. Bob gets back on his phone.

“I’ll be there.”

“You’re a lifesaver, Bob. We’ll train you in when you get here.”

Bob’s boss hangs up. Bob heads to the kitchen where Eliza is washing the plates.

“You’re serious about this restaurant thing?”

“I am.” she answers.

Bob saw Eliza was trying to make their relationship work and be better. He still didn’t like the idea of running a business, but he too wanted to make their marriage work.

“Okay. Let’s do this.” he said.

Eliza turned to face Bob.

“Really?” she asked.


She turned around and hugged Bob. He hugged her back. Then he helped her finish the dishes. She went upstairs to read more of her book and he made his way to the living room to watch t.v.

Flipping through the channels, Bob stopped when he saw a picture of Don Lothario. He wondered what this guy was up to now. On the streets, Don was known as a womanizer. Don of course would always deny it. Especially to the paparazzi. But he would always be caught on camera with different women. Mainly the Caliente women.

Bob turned up the volume. The paparazzi reporter announced that Don Lothario has wed Mitchell Kalani. Bob leaned closer to the television. His eyes did not deceive him.

“Dear, you have to come see this.” Bob yelled out to Eliza.

Eliza came down from upstairs. She looked at the t.v.

“Is that Don?” she asked.

“He married a guy. Eloped in fact. It sounded like he was trying to avoid the press, but they found him.”

Eliza just chuckled and left the room back upstairs to continue reading her book.

After the news report of Don and Mitchell, Bob turned off the television. He sat there and stared ahead daydreaming. Daydreaming of what it would be like to own a restaurant. He didn’t consider himself a Master Chef yet. He would want to work on that even harder now. He felt inspired and went to the kitchen to see what he could whip up for Eliza’s dinner while he was at work.

It was just about time for Bob to head to work. He wanted to arrive a little early to get trained in as a Mixologist. He’s cooked food a lot, never really made or mixed drinks. This was something new. And the downside is he would be dealing with people a bit more as a Mixologist than he did as a Caterer. He’s been to a bar or two in his younger years. Thankfully this was a one-time thing. He didn’t like Catering, but it was better than standing behind a bar having to make small talk with the customers. As a Caterer, he could make excuses to leave the group setting.

Bob went upstairs to tell Eliza he was going to get ready and be heading out, but found her napping in her bed. He shut her door as to not wake her. After getting ready for work, he went back downstairs and left her a note on the refrigerator about the meal waiting for her inside it. Then he headed off to work.

The next morning was the usual Bob and Eliza routine. He liked the new change of her sitting next to him instead of across from him, though. It was his turn now to talk to her.

“I have some bad news.” Bob said to Eliza.

Note from the Author: I hope you enjoyed reading the tidbit with Don Lothario and Mitchell Kalani getting married. I have a mod in my game called MC Command Center. This allows a little more control over my game. Part of the settings is to allow NPCs and Townies to freely get married and/or have children without me having to force anything upon them. This includes same sex marriage. I don’t discriminate. I also have a setting where it gives me notifications of births, aging up, marriages, and deaths. I was playing my game to screenshot images for chapter 5 when the message came up that Don Lothario married Mitchell Kalani. I had a good laugh and decided I had to fit it in this chapter. I now await along with you what other surprises and twists will be thrown my way to add to this story!

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  • I love the little tidbit of Don & Mitchell! So funny! I like how the Pancakes relationship is changing already, with Eliza sitting beside Bob. And pancakes, I think I am going to make some tomorrow morning! Yum!

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