2.15: To The Club

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 15: To The Club

Now that Bucky had left, the twins were able to have their own rooms. Christian moved into Bucky’s room and of course, redesigned it.

Chloe was happy too. She loved her twin brother, but sometimes they needed space apart when they were at home.

Growing up, Christian and Chloe hung out a lot with Don Jr and Rose. They became best friends with one another. All through grade school they would play together. And now they were in high school, they hung out together. They would go to the library together, shopping, the gym, and the park.

Sometimes they would even go to the club at night together without telling their parents. The clubs allowed teenagers in, but to drink they had to show identification they were old enough.

Tonight they got their groove on. They had their own dance offs. Other patrons joined in.

Chloe even tried her hand at singing.

Over the next couple weeks, Chloe was getting to know Don Jr a lot more. This is when Don Jr made his move. The four were hanging out at the library doing homework.

Don Jr (looking over at Chloe): So…
Chloe: So… what?
Don Jr: So, I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime.
Chloe: We are out. We’re at the library.
Don Jr: I mean, just us two.
Christian (making kissing noises): He wants to be your boyfriend!

Don Jr gives Christian the evil eye. Chloe rolls her eyes at Christian and then looks back at Don Jr.

Chloe: To get away from my brother, yes. I will happy to go out on a date with you.

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