HoP: Chapter 3


Chapter 3


The morning started like almost every morning. Bob was making pancakes. As soon as Eliza was done showering, he called out that breakfast was ready. She came downstairs to the dining room and they both ate in silence. Afterwards, Bob found a spot on the couch and settled into watching t.v.

Eliza didn’t feel like going out today. She took it upon herself to gather the dirty dishes from breakfast and wash them. She sighed. She still had feelings for Bob, but wished he would help out more around the house. She felt all he did was eat, sleep, poop, watch t.v., and go to work. He would find excuses not to go out on his evenings off from work.

When the dishes were washed and put away, Eliza made her way to the living room and sat next to Bob. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye wondering why she was there. All of a sudden, Eliza grabs the remote from him and begins to channel surf.

“Hey!” Bob said. “I was watching something.”

“And now you’re not.” Eliza replied back.

Eliza flipped through the channels until she came across a show she liked. Bob turned his head and looked at her, but she kept her head straight forward watching her show not saying a word. He turned his head back to the screen and also didn’t say anything. Soon a commercial came on. Steve Harvey appeared on the screen and was giving a message.


When the commercial was over, Eliza set the remote down next to Bob.

“I’m going out.” Eliza said like she normally would.

Eliza got up, went upstairs and got dressed. She went back downstairs and just left the house. Bob thought nothing of it as it is what normally happens in their life. It was just odd that she decided to watch t.v. first.

Eliza went to the Willow Creek Archive Library. She didn’t know what she was looking for but it would come to her when she saw it. And in the bookshelf about business, she saw it. A book titled, The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Business: Turn Your Ideas into Money! She grabbed the book and found a nearby chair and started reading. After a couple hours of reading, she checked the book out and headed home.

Bob was getting ready for work at the time she arrived. She stood in the doorway of his room.

“We need to talk when you get home, please.” Eliza said to Bob. She turned around and went into her own bedroom.

Bob was stunned. He hasn’t heard his wife say please to him in a long time. Maybe this was the moment their marriage was finally over. Was she going to let him down easy? Was this the buttering up part. Normally if she’s got something to say, she says it. Whether it feels all warm and fuzzy or a knife to the heart, she says it like it is.

Bob was now getting nervous. It was bad enough he was going into eight hours of hell for him. Now he’ll come home after and get dumped? Nervous turned into anger. Bob soon wondered who Eliza thought she was. He made the money to pay the bills and the fancy trinkets and what not. Maybe he should leave her first. He was starting to like this idea. Anger has now turned into revenge.

As he finished getting ready for work, Bob stood outside Eliza’s door since it was closed. He stood there for what seemed like hours, but was only a couple minutes. He gave a small knock on the door.

“I’ll see you when I get home from work, dear.”

As Bob was walking down the stairs, he muttered to himself, “Or when it’s time to sign the divorce papers.” Then he walked out to go to work.

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