2.12: The Lothario Twins

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 12: The Lothario Twins

The Duckson family and the Lothario family spent the day at the park. It came shockingly that the Lothario’s also had twins after Andrew and Zoe had asked Don and Violet to be their twins godparents. Violet agreed only if the other two would be godparents to their child, not knowing it would turn out to be twins.

Don Jr and Rose, the Lothario twins, were very close to each other. You could tell these two were twins. They picked up their skin color from their dad, Don. Violet, their mom, shined through them with her hair and eye color. The two were practically inseparable. Where one went, so did the other. At school, they looked out for each other.

The adults and Bucky did their adult thing with each other while the children went to play and have fun. It was a weekend and it would be nice to spend it outdoors. Especially in Oasis Springs.

Don Jr: Are you sure you two are twins?
Christian: We have the same birthday.

Don Jr looks closer at Christian and Chloe.

Don Jr (grinning): You do have her facial expressions.

Rose gives her brother a punch on the shoulder. He gives her a scowling look. She gives him the same look back and he turns away.

Christian (mockingly): If you had longer hair, you could pass as your sister.

This time it was Chloe’s turn. She decides to slap Christian and gives him a dirty look.

Rose (looking over at Chloe): Boys are always mean.
Don Jr: Girls are always…
Rose (squinting at Don Jr): What? Girls are always what?

Don Jr didn’t finish his comment. He knew better. However, moments later all four were back to laughing and playing again.

Both families sat down at the picnic tables for dinner.

Zoe: Junior and Rose do look remarkably alike.
Violet: They act alike too. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Don Jr was nicknamed Junior around friends and family. This was especially helpful when one needed to be called over the other. Don Jr also preferred to be called Junior a lot as well. His sister would call him Donny, though. She did it to humor herself.

Even though Don Jr and Rose were children, they somehow had a maturity to them when they weren’t playing around like kids do.

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2 thoughts on “2.12: The Lothario Twins”

  • Oh how sweet are Don’s kids. And Howard’s kids are friends with them….twins friends with twins….maybe more in future chapters?

    • I didn’t even plan that either in the game. MC Command Center told me Don and Violet had a boy. So I named it. Then it popped up that Don and Violet had a girl…..right after.

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