HoP: Chapter 2


Chapter 2


A typical day in the life of the Pancakes household was like the movie, Groundhog’s Day.

When Eliza got up in the morning, Bob would already be downstairs making breakfast. It was kind of funny his last name was Pancakes because that is his favorite thing to make every morning. He wouldn’t make eggs, toast, or even cereal. It was always pancakes.

Bob was always teased when he was younger about his last name, which was also a reason why he turned out to be a loner. But when he met Eliza, she had a complete opposite attitude. She thought his last name was cute. And when they started dating and she found out his specialty was making pancakes, she thought he was more adorable than ever. She set aside the other quirks he had. But after many years of marriage, these quirks were getting to her more and more.

Bob would hear Eliza get up and take a shower. When he heard her walking around upstairs after her shower, he would yell out…

“Pancakes are ready, my dear!”

Bob would set the stack of pancakes on the table and help himself. Eliza would come downstairs in her robe to the dining room table and pull up a seat. She would grab a serving for herself and the two would eat in silence. Sometimes they would smile at each other, but most of the days it was staring at their food instead.

After breakfast, Bob would throw the dishes in the sink and head to the living room where he would turn on the television and find something to watch. Eliza would go upstairs, get dressed, come back down to the living room and tell Bob…

“I’m going out for awhile.”

Eliza’s favorite place to visit was the Municipal Muses Museum located in Willow Creek. She would always hope to find a member of the Goth or Landgraab households so she could keep tabs if they buy anything fancy or expensive from there. The art decor of a house tells a lot about how expensive it is, so Eliza thought.

Bob would go to work around three o’clock in the afternoon and come home around eleven at night. It would be the longest eight hours. He would then come home to find the dishes in the sink already hand washed. He’s suggested many times in the past to Eliza it would be easier just to get a dishwasher, but she ended up calling him lazy. Because he has always had an awful day at work, he would change into his grunge clothes and head back to the kitchen. He would see what was available in the refrigerator and come up with something to eat. Sometimes it was something as simple as mac and cheese to something more exquisite like a Pan Fried Tilapia. Eliza would always wait until he got home to eat, even if it at the late hours. Again they would eat in silence.

At the end of the day, Eliza would have the house all cleaned up in case unexpected company decided to arrive. Bob would have made money for the household for the day. The jobs in Sim City paid daily instead of weekly or biweekly. The night would finish by each going upstairs and parting ways to each of their own bedrooms.

This is how majority of the week was for the Pancakes. But one television advertisement seen by Eliza would change all that.

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