#BuildNewcrest: Day 97

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 3: Angel Simself

Day 97 (Household Income: §62,099)
SUMMER (Day 20 of 28)

Mom and dad were awaken around 4:00am to Dulcinea crying real loud. I woke up when I could hear mom calling my name. I arrived from the basement and mom, dad and Xavier were already standing next to her lying on the ground. Her old age finally caught up to her and she was passing away. There was a chill in the room, as if death was here. Mom had explained this type of feeling when grandma and grandpa passed away. But I could also sense a warmer presence in the bedroom as well. I knew Dulcie was going to be in a better place even though I was really sad.

Dad buries Dulcie next to mom. She may have been a pet, but she was part of our family. Rest in peace, Dulcinea!

We didn’t get much sleep afterwards. At breakfast, mom looks miserable. She says it brings back memories when grandpa and grandma passed away. I share with her we are all heartbroken over Dulcie not being with us anymore. It’s good to grieve.

At 8:00am, I am heading off to my last day of high school. It’s bittersweet. I made some really good friends.

Luckily, I’ll still be in the Page Turners club which are all friends of mine. I went out on a date with one of them. Hoping to ask another one soon. There are four I really like, but not sure who I would want to be my girlfriend. Fate will decide. I want to get to know more of each of them, though.

3:00pm arrives and my high school days are over. Now it’s time to get a job and work hard on continuing to work on the legacy my grandpa had started.

Xavier is not thrilled at all leaving grade school. Our cousin and Xavier’s best friend, Joseph the third, walked Xavier home trying to cheer him up, but it didn’t seem to work. Not too long ago, he was excited about starting high school. Now he wants to stay in grade school.

During my study hall and lunch time, I tweaked up my book from the comments I received from the Page Turner club members. All of them gave me great input. I’m excited to see if I can get this published. I think Grandpa would be proud since it’s all about him.

As I got the mail since there seemed to be some waiting, I went ahead and submitted my first book to a Publisher that was recommended by one of the school counselor’s who also thought it was a great idea for me to pursue my passion of writing. Now I just need to wait and see what happens next.

At school, I also had approached Ali and asked her if she’d like to go on a dinner date with me. This was her last day of high school as well. It pretty much was for the rest of us who were in high school. She said it would be fun. She wanted to get my opinion about something she was going to start up.

I change and freshen myself up for this date. The one I had with Soulgal was great. I hope I can hit it off with Ali as well.

I meet Ali at the restaurant. I go ahead and see the host to request a table for us. It’s the same host from the other day when I had my date with Soulgal. He notices it’s a different person with me and says he’ll see what nice spot he has available tonight as he winks at me. He then goes through his chart and says he has a table that is ready for us.

The host gave us a table that was outside. But it was odd that he gave us a table meant for more than two people. Maybe he assumed Soulgal or someone else would be joining us?

Ali immediately started looking over the menu, so I did the same. Every so often, I would look over at her. Soulgal dressed casual for our date and here Ali dresses up just like I did. At least I don’t have to feel overdressed tonight.

When the waitress arrives, Ali surprises me and tells me to go ahead and order for the both of us. She couldn’t decide what to get. I point next to the chef hat on the menu to the waitress and say we’ll both have the chef’s choice and go with the roast chicken. I ask Ali what she wanted to drink and she tells the waitress she’ll just have a coffee. I order the fruity drink.

After the waitress leaves, I ask Ali what she wanted to get my opinion on. She goes into detail how she wants to open up her own vet clinic because she loves animals and wanted to know my thoughts about jumping into something like that since I did with my writing and pushing myself to get a book published. I reply to her that if it’s something she is passionate about, she should go for it.

Ali then asks how my writing is going. I share with her that I sent my first book about my grandpa being a founder of a portion of Newcrest to a publisher and am now waiting word from them.

She wants to know what my next book is going to be about. I tell her I’m working on a possible book of romantic poems I’ve been writing. Of course, she wants to hear one now. I just happened to have my small notepad with me and pull it out. As I am reading, I catch a glimpse of her and she is admiring my words.

The waitress arrives with our food moments later. I compliment how lovely the food looks to the waitress. I look over at Ali and she seems to be in a daydream mood with a lovestruck look on her face. I wonder if it was my poetry that did it to her and laugh softly inside.

We eat our dinner and continue to talk. She goes more into her vet clinic idea and we also talk about the Page Turners club. I really like Ali. She seems to be more open than she usually is at club meetings. I am glad we went out.

As our date comes to an end, I give Ali a hug and thank her for the lovely evening.

When I arrive home, I switch into my pajama bottoms and get online to share my news with my social media group about sending my book to a publisher and then check I check the want ads to see what is available for jobs.

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