2.11: Makes Me Happy

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 11: Makes Me Happy

Bucky had always taken an interest in what his parents did for a living. He was close to both of them even though Zoe considered him daddy’s little boy as far back as he could remember. Now as a teenager, he has showed even more interest.

When Andrew wasn’t working, he would take Bucky to the Burners & Builders gym and be his personal trainer. Bucky didn’t want to be a fitness geek like his dad, but he did want to maintain a healthy way of living.

Bucky: Hey dad. So when I’m finally out on my own, how many days per week do I need to work out? I don’t want to have to go to a gym every day. Just something so I can maintain my good looks and be healthy.
Andrew (grinning): You already have the good looks. You’re my boy. And Zoe’s. But I would recommend working out at least three times per week. You don’t need to visit a gym to do so as well.

The two continue their talk about workout and eating habits.

More recently, Bucky has gotten involved with his mother’s work. When Bucky was a child, he started a personal journal. A diary, as his brother likes to call it, of his thoughts. He would write his feelings of the day, what he experienced, stuff he wanted to remember. He soon began writing short stories and poems of his own.

Zoe wasn’t allowed to bring any of her children to work with her, but she would always invite them to go to the library with her when she needed to do some research. All three would typically tag along since it was after school hours when she did so.

One day at the Willow Creek Archive library, Bucky decided to share something with his mom that not only surprised her, but made her happy inside.

Bucky: Mom, do you have a moment?
Zoe: Sure.
Bucky: Do you like your job?
Zoe: It’s a great environment, the people are fun, and I learn new things all the time.
Bucky: But do you enjoy writing?
Zoe: Of course I do. I became Editor-In-Chief at my job so quickly because of what I enjoy doing. Why do you ask?

Bucky takes out his personal journal.

Bucky: I think I picked up some of your traits. I’ve been finding myself writing a lot. And it makes me happy. For years now, I’ve been keeping a private journal. Writing and drawing in it when I feel inspired or just need to put something down. I’d like to show you if you don’t mind.
Zoe: I would be happy to. But are you sure? I don’t want to intrude on your privacy.
Bucky: It’s okay. I want you to see.

Zoe and Bucky found a quiet spot to sit. Bucky gave his journal to his mom and she flipped through it. She was impressed not only at his writing, but his artwork. She hands it back to him.

Zoe: You are very talented. And I am proud you found something you like to do. I want you to do things that make you happy.
Bucky: This does. And I’ve been doing some history learning at school about the olden days writing. Before there were computers. I want to get an old fashioned typewriter some day.
Zoe: If this is what you love doing, then I am sure it will happen for you.

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  • Bucky is so interested in his Dad and Mom’s work. That is great. Trying to decide what he wants to do. And to trust his Mom with his diary….err…journal, that is HUGE. I am so happy that Zoe read it and told him that he had talent. We shall see what Ducky will do with all this knowledge.

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