#BuildNewcrest: Day 96

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 3: Angel Simself

Day 96 (Household Income: §60,156)
SUMMER (Day 19 of 28)

Good morning! Another day closer to graduating high school and becoming a young adult.

At breakfast, mom reminds us that today is the day that dad ages up. His gray hair is going to show soon. I can’t believe he’s going to be an elder already. I don’t think he can either, but he looks happy about it. He doesn’t want it to be a big spectacle, so we’ll just have a small family gathering after he gets home from work.

Tomorrow is our last day of school for me, my twin sister, and Xavier. I was hoping to go on another date with one of the Page Turners gals, but I have a project to do and we’re celebrating my dad’s birthday. If I can get my project done before dad gets home from work, maybe I can pull off a dinner date again tonight. We’ll have to see.

As I arrive home from school with Xavier, he’s got a big grin on his face. I ask him if he’s excited to start high school next week. He says that being a whiz kid in grade school has made high school teachers want him in their class. That’s a big accomplishment, I tell him.

He may not be the heir, but Xavier will receive a lot of attention for being really smart. Especially since he’s one of the Simself clan on this legacy journey my grandpa started with our family.

For my final school project, I am suppose to put together some type of electricity experiment. The teacher had a bunch of stuff we could use, so I gathered anything I thought that looked interesting that I could wire together. I’m sure Xavier could put together something in a heartbeat. Me? Not so much. I’m creative, but in writing.

I lay everything out on a small table I found laying around the house. Now I need to decide what to make that has to do with electricity. I had an idea. Why NOT ask my whiz kid of a brother to help? 

Dulcie heard all the noise going on in the basement and decides to check out what we’re doing. She’s such a fun kitty.

Because I wanted to make sure I did my own project, I only ask Xavier for advice. I would do all the manual labor.

After a few hours, we come up with something solid. I don’t know what to call it, but it definitely displays electricity when I activate it. Thumbs up to my little brother for helping me with this.

It’s a little after 8:00pm. We still need to celebrate dad’s aging up. Dad wanted to share some news with us first. He says that the company leaders got together and decided they wanted him to be the next President of Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe, Inc. as the previous one is retiring. Mom is excited to hear the news. We all congratulate dad.

Mom invites Noelle over. Dad was happy to see her. Things have been getting better between the two which I think is good. He has still expressed his dislike about her husband to us over the past few days after the announcement of her being pregnant.

Noelle goes around and gives all of us a hug and saves the last one for dad as she wishes him a happy aging up.

Mom had baked a cake while we all were gone at school and work. I’m surprised she had time to bake one and watch four toddlers at the same time. I guess she’s super mom.

The time arrives when it’s time to have dad make a wish and blow out the candles. He of course says he won’t say what he’s going to wish for because it won’t come true. And then he blows out the candles.

And then his transformation happens. Now he’s an old fart. The gray hair and wrinkles begin to show. But he’s still my same dad. He looks good with gray hair.

He says he’s not going to get used to being an elder any time soon. Mom says he is still as handsome as the day they met in high school.

Before I go to bed, I go online to my social media page and share my day. I write that I am excited about finding a job in the field of writing as soon as I graduate high school tomorrow. That my dad became President of the company he works for. And that I am looking forward to continuing my grandpa’s legacy.

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