#BuildNewcrest: Day 95

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 3: Angel Simself

Day 95 (Household Income: §59,297)
SUMMER (Day 18 of 28)

Good morning! I can’t believe I’ll be a young adult in only a few days. At breakfast, mom says she’s proud of the young man I am becoming. She goes on about how time has flown and it feels like it was just yesterday that me and my twin sister were young ones running around the house playing. Now I have plans to write books and my sister already has four babies of her own.

8:00am rolls around and it’s time for school. It’s Wednesday and Friday is the last day for me and Xavier. It’s also my twin sister’s last day as well. Mom’s been babysitting while she goes to school and Tony goes to work.

When I get home from school with Xavier, Dulcie is there to greet us. She’s such a wonderful cat. She’s really old now, though. Maybe that is why she wants to hang out with the family. Mom said grandpa gave Dulcie to her and her sister and brother when they were the children age.

I’ve been hanging out with the Page Turners club members a lot lately. I really like the four classmate girls. Because I am heir, I’ll need to find companionship who will be by my side. But I don’t know who to ask to be my girlfriend.

I decide maybe I should ask each of them out on a date and see where it goes. At school, I asked Soulgal if she’d like to go out on a dinner date tonight. It would be fun to get to know her more since we share the last name but are not related. She gladly accepted.

It started to rain before our date did, but that didn’t stop us from going out. We went to the restaurant in the Promenade as I am not allowed to venture out into other towns being heir. I have to remain in Newcrest, but can visit Magnolia Promenade anytime.

I approach the host and ask him about a table for two. He was staring outside before I approached and then was happy to see a customer.

We were given a booth. I don’t think this is the first time the host has seated two people going out on a date. The booth is comfortable. Soulgal seems at ease. That’s good.

I start the conversation off with a joke. I make fun of one of our teachers who likes to yell a lot. This does crack a smile from her and as I keep going she laughs. She ends up saying she has to use the restroom and to order for us both. She says she’ll take the chili and a glass of milk.

I call the waiter over and order our food.

Side Note: Soulgal decided to go wander off and look at other things. I didn’t think that was appropriate for the story…lol. She did come back when the food was ordered and ready.

When Soulgal gets back, the food arrives soon after. As we’re eating I try and get to know her a little better outside the Page Turners club. But she really enjoys talking about books. I’m seeing she’s a bookworm at heart. She even talks about her latest book about this guy named Rick who is on a reality show and he’s on an island looking for love. She says she thinks it would be fun to fall in love with someone as fun as her main character.

Talking about other interests, she seems to be a very cheerful person. Everything is all positive. I like this in her. I can see why she’s popular in school and has a lot of friends. I did ask if she was seeing anyone and she commented she wouldn’t be on a date with me if she was. Good point. Touche.

I open up and tell her that I’ve had a small crush on her. She giggles and says that I am cute and all.

I ask her how her food is. The chili is good, but hot. She said she’ll take some home for leftovers.

Side Note: For some odd reason Soulgal would not touch her food. She enjoyed her milk, though. I guess she wasn’t that hungry.

It was getting late and since it was still pouring outside, she called her mom to pick her up at the restaurant. She says we should do this again sometime as we get up from our seats.

Before bed, I get online and share my fun evening with Soulgal. I’m sure this will stir up gossip, but as I mentioned earlier, she is a cheerful person and will probably reply back. I’m hoping she does and share how she felt.



Editor’s Note: I encourage everyone to check out @SoulGal7‘s (who’s simself is Soulgal in this story) SimLit Somebody to Love ~ Bachelor In Paradise. It’s a fun read.

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2 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 95”

  • Great chapter. Oh, that Soulgal wandering off on her date. Sheesh! Restaurant dates can be so glitchy. Soulgal didn’t touch her food probably because she was so enamored by Angel that she forgot to eat. lol Well, at least she had her milk. Also, thanks for mentioning my story in your chapter. That was very sweet.

    • I enjoy all the SimLit out there. So it’s only fair I share them and get others the opportunity to read them. I’m so happy that the Page Turners club became a thing in my first Generation. CathyTea’s SimLit was the first story I advertised. I’m going to want to try and keep this a trend throughout all Generations now.

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