#BuildNewcrest: Day 93

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 3: Angel Simself

Day 93 (Household Income: §59,804) SUMMER (Day 16 of 28)

Side Note: After some constructive feedback, starting with Generation 3, the heir will no longer give a brief rundown what happened the day before. Also, I had Seasons turned off for Generation 2 and have turned it on for Generation 3 and for future Generations. This will allow storms and other related weather happenings. With that, alongside the Household Income will be the season it is.

Good morning! Today is Monday and I graduate high school on Friday and become a young adult. My main focus has been The Page Turners Club and writing a book which I hope can get published. But I’ll need to find a job to help with the household funds. Mom is going into early retirement to help my sis with the babies. I can’t believe I’m still in high school and already an uncle.

At breakfast, mom asks me what I want to do for my aging up into a young adult. She said she had an overnight bonfire in the backyard and invited some friends over. That when she became a young adult, that myself and sis were made in her tummy. So, I said no bonfires. That was too much information the way it was. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Maybe I’ll also invite friends over. Maybe host a fancy dinner or something. But no sleepovers. I don’t even have a girlfriend.

At 8:00am, it’s time for school. I walk with my little brother to his bus first and then I make it to mine. I’ll see you when I get home.

I’m home. I had an interesting day. One of my rivals for being a top student left his notebook in the bathroom. I went through it and saw all his notes and even some homework assignments in there. One of my friends who was in the bathroom with me told me I should toss it. That way he’ll never find it and then probably drop scores in his grade and I would be the top student. But I’m not like that. I found my classmate who it belonged to and returned it. I think I made a new friend today by doing so.

Mom told me to go get the mail since the mailman came earlier. She said it’s my duty as heir to make sure the mail is gotten every time it shows up. Most likely it will be bills. She showed me what to do to pay them.

I ask her how her day was with my nephews and niece. She says it brings back a lot of memories with me and sis. She’ll be taking care of them while sis is at school and Anthony is at work. I ask her why she doesn’t call him Tony. Sis calls him Tony and keeps saying that’s his name. Obviously it’s short for Anthony. Mom says that dad always calls him Anthony, so it stuck with her as well.

After dinner, I do some more writing of my grandpa’s story. Tomorrow is a club meeting and I want a rough draft so I can get an idea what the club members think. Maybe a gift for myself when I become a young adult will see if I can get this published. If it does, I’ll work on another book.

I notice it’s 11:00pm and another day of school is tomorrow. Only four more days left. I decide it’s time for bed. Goodnight and see you tomorrow.


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