#BuildNewcrest: Day 92

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 92 (Household Income: §53,696)

I found out Noelle was pregnant. So did Karlo. I took the news much better than he did. Deep down I’m excited to be a grandma.  I wasn’t expecting to be one with all my children still in school, however.

Everyone was up and ready for breakfast by 8:00. Xavier was really enjoying his eggs and bacon. He asked who made them. I told him chef mom made breakfast this morning. That this was a favorite when she grew up. She continued that their uncle Junior would make fun of her whenever she made breakfast, but it was all in fun. I noticed Karlo was even enjoying it. He’s still miffed about yesterday. I am happy he’s enjoying breakfast, though.

Since there is no work or school again today, it being Sunday, I ask the boys what they wanted to do. Angel said he had homework to finish and more writing for the school paper he wanted to get done for the next issue. Xavier wanted to go next door and play with his cousin, Joseph the 3rd. The husband just shrugged his shoulders.

After Angel and Xavier went about their plans for the day, I asked Karlo if we could talk. I wanted to know what all this built up anger he was having for our Noelle was really about.  He didn’t want to talk about it. Another part of his hot-headedness. I tell him it’s not good to keep things bottled up. Again, he said he didn’t want to talk about it.

I suggest to him maybe he’s not really mad, but he’s sad that his little girl is all grown up now. Yes, she is still a teenager, but she’s becoming independent and maybe that is scaring him. Then he finally says he doesn’t like the boy she is with. Something is off about him. He gives off bad vibes. And he IS mad. He’s mad that his daughter is hanging out with that boy and he got her pregnant. She’s only a teenager. He wanted to know who gets a fragile young woman pregnant?

Side note: Karlo’s relationship is in the red with both Noelle and Tony. He’s angry at her for being pregnant according to his mood. But he’s just as much in the red with Tony and it’s not stating exactly why. I have to guess that it’s because he got her pregnant. Or maybe they got into it when I wasn’t paying attention to them at one point. I don’t know.

My phone started to buzz and I checked to see who was calling. I was getting my husband to finally open up and was hoping I could let this call go to voicemail, but I noticed it was Noelle. I answered. She seemed in a really good mood. She wanted me to come over and say hi to some people. We’ve met Anthony’s father and other children before. Maybe she forgot she invited them over when she got the babysitting job for their youngest, which now is now Noelle’s sister-in-law. Karlo was giving me the look as what is going on? I tell her that she and dad will be over. But she replied she knows dad is not happy with her and doesn’t want to see him right now.

After I hang up, I let Karlo know that Noelle wanted me, and just me, to come over and say hello to a few people. He looked a little disappointed that his own daughter didn’t want him to go as well. But he’s got to understand his attitude yesterday and his actions of lately weren’t helping. But I would talk to her and get just the three of them together sometime to sit down and talk this out. No shouting at each other. Talk.

I walk across the street to where Noelle’s new house is. I still cannot believe what a nice job the construction crew did to build it. I knock on the door and I hear Noelle yell that it’s open, so I let myself in. I ask where she’s at and all she says is, “We’re in here.” So I follow the voice.

When I enter the room, I see Noelle with Anthony. I also see 4 bassinets with 4 babies inside. Noelle is looking at the bassinets and says, “Meet your gramma ma.” I immediately tear up. She comes over to hug me and tells me to say hi to my 4 grandchildren, they’re quadruplets.

Side Note: The most one can have in the game is triplets, without a Mod. To complete Jubilee’s Aspiration, she needs to have four grandchildren. I was first going to do two sets of twins, but thought it would be more fun story-wise to have quadruplets.

This is Sonny Corleonesi.

And this little guy is Fredo Corleonesi.

The 3rd bundle of joy is named Michael Corleonesi.

Last, but certainly not least, is a baby girl named Connie Corleonesi.

Holding my grandsons brought back memories of Angel and Noelle being born. And then I had the memories of how Karlo had met them for the first time and looked scared. But he changed when he saw them. He needs to see his grandchildren. I tell Noelle that her dad should know. I share the story of when they were born and he wasn’t sure he wanted to stick around, but he quickly changed the next day. He wanted to be a part of their lives. And I know he’ll want to be a part of his grandkids.

This seemed to strike with Noelle and she cried. I got on my phone and called him up and told him to come on over. At first he was shocked and unsure how to react. But I picked up Connie and put her in his arms. He looked at her and you could see his heart melted. He even cooed at her.

It will be a process to mend the relationship of father and daughter, but I think it can happen.

We each hold a baby in our arms. Father and son. Mother and son. Grandmother and Grandson. Grandfather and Granddaughter.

I think this is the time for me to end my story with all of you. I need to help Noelle right now. I need to help Karlo right now. It’s time I let Angel share his journey as heir of the Simself family legacy. I believe he is ready.

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