#BuildNewcrest: Day 91

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 91 (Household Income: §53,683)

Noelle and Anthony moved into their new home yesterday. I had a mental breakdown, but talking to dad seemed to help things as I went to bed for the night.

I wake up before everyone else and go to mom’s grave in the backyard. I tell her this time everything I am going through. I’m not like I was last night, but I am still distraught. I should be happy for Noelle. But she’s still a teenager. She’s still my little girl. I have to have the mindset that this is a good thing. This is all planned. My little girl is growing up and will be okay.

During breakfast, Angel says he’s written two stories for the school paper. He says he’s leaning towards to wanting to be an author. He wants to graduate high school first before he makes any final decisions. He will of course get a job. Maybe the local newspaper agency will have an opening. He continues to tell me that there’s no library in Newcrest and maybe that’s his calling as heir. I’m thrilled that he’s been thinking this through. I’ve been focusing the last couple days on Noelle that I didn’t see he’s already putting his heirdom into work. I’m so proud of Angel.

As you know, I am a triplet with my sis and bro. We have that special connection with each other. I have to assume that Angel has one with Noelle them being twins. I ask him how he is feeling right now with her moved out and married. He shrugs his shoulders. He shares that it’s different. He supports her decisions. They even text a lot to each other. I asked Angel what they talk about. He replies, “stuff”. That gives me the hint he doesn’t want to discuss what they text about. I’m happy that he’s got a good relationship with her, though.

I wanted to get out of the house. It’s a Saturday and there’s no work or school for this family today. I figured we could go to the park and hang out as a family. Then go out to eat for lunch. And then maybe go back to the park and invite sis and bro with their families. Make it a day to spend time with everyone.

Angel spends time with his little brother Xavier and plays some basketball.

Dad had his fountain built when he created the park. As I got older, I would always think this was a wishing well. And after dad passed away, I do now more than ever. I would want to think I am making a wish to my dad and mom. I’m sure they can make this happens now they’re in the afterlife.

Today, I make a wish I could spend more time with Noelle. I take out a simoleon and flip it into the air and smile as it plops into the water of the fountain with the other simoleons.

As one o’clock rolls around, it’s time for lunch. We go to the Magnolia Promenade where my dad took us when I was younger. I got my tattoo in the Promenade as well. This place brings back good memories.

As we enter the restaurant, I said I will find us a table. The gentleman at the podium was very nice. He said he recognized the family. He follows me on social media. He remembers the news of my dad passing away. He then leads us to our table.

We get a table right next to the kitchen. I think dad said when he became boyfriend and girlfriend with mom, they were in this restaurant and they were able to watch their food get made. This must be the same area they were at. There’s a table meant for two just across from us.

The waitress comes to take our order moments later. Xavier wanted cheese pizza, Angel orders a grilled cheese sandwich, Karlo goes for the chicken platter. For myself, the waitress said the BLT is the special for the day, so I order that.

It was good eating out with the family. Only if Noelle was here to enjoy it with us.

Afterwards, we head back to the park. But I get on my phone and invite bro over with Anne and my nephew, Joseph the third. I then call up sis and ask her to see if she wants to come with Patrick and the twins. They all said it would be fun and they’d be over as soon as possible.

And finally, I call Noelle. She said she would be happy to come over. She said Tony is busy with work right now and doesn’t want to be bothered.

Bro said we needed to do our signature greeting and do a bro bump. He’s so silly. But that’s why I love him.

It was also nice seeing sis again, too. She looks so beautiful in her dress.

And then Noelle shows up. And Karlo notices it first. She’s pregnant. That, or she’s gained a bit of tummy weight. But it’s pregnancy. She said she’s in her third trimester right now. I guess she hid it well the past couple days.

Karlo‘s hot-headedness kicks in and he’s furious. He reminds her she is only a teenager. I try and calm him down. This is not the time or place to get angry. We have family over.

Side Note: Teenagers cannot get pregnant in The Sims game without special mods. One was used to help get Noelle pregnant as a teen.

I send Karlo off to go start the grill. Me and Noelle go sit on the bench. We talk. That’s all. She says she is going to finish high school even if it means teaching herself and getting her GED. She said that Tony isn’t going to take responsibility of watching the newborns, but she can hire a nanny to. I tell her me and her dad will be happy to help. Noelle has doubts that dad will want to help, but I assure her all will be fine and not to worry.

After the time we all spend with each other in the park, night falls and it’s time for us to call it an evening. Karlo behaved himself the rest of the night, but left early. When I got home with Angel and Xavier, he was already in bed. I’ll have a talk with him tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 91”

  • It was good to see the family get together, and the trip down memory lane. Somehow I thought they already knew Noelle was pregnant. Wasn’t Jubilee a teen when she got pregnant? I suppose you always wish better for your kids. The wishes to mom and dad were a nice touch. Also great to see Angel already taking his heirdom seriously.

    • Nah. Noelle wasn’t really showing when they moved into the new house. Was odd.

      Juju was on her first day as a young adult when she got pregnant. She beat the teenager stage before she WOOHOO’d. 😀

      I’m excited to play Angel full on for Gen 3. He’s been writing on his own autonomously. Think is Writing skill is almost lvl 4 now. Go Angel!

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