#BuildNewcrest: Day 90

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 90 (Household Income: §46,410)

Noelle had finally come home only to share that she eloped with Anthony Corleonesi. Karlo was furious, I was in tears. But there was nothing we could do about it. She threatened to run away if we got her an annulment. I decided to continue my dad’s legacy and build another home in Newcrest. A place for my Noelle and Anthony to live in. I made sure to build it next to my bro who can keep an eye on her.

Mom visited me again last night. She said she is happy with dad, but misses her children. She said she visited Hope and Junior. They were sleeping of course. I’m glad I wake up when dad and mom visit so I can talk to them.

As I wake up again after the visit from mom, it’s 7:00am. I have a text message on my phone. The new house will be ready to go by the afternoon. I asked the builders to create a two bedroom house. Not that Noelle will sleep in her own room, but in case I ever get a grandchild of my own.

Breakfast is an awkward moment for us all. We sit in silence for a few moments. Karlo is still fumed about yesterday. We have to learn to accept what has happened.

Angel breaks the silence and shares more of his interest in the Page Turners club. He’s met some really nice people in it. I’m really happy for him. He’s taken a big interest in reading and writing. I think he’s going to be more successful than I am.

I convinced Noelle to finish high school and Anthony didn’t have any objection. Karlo wouldn’t let him even if he tried. My three wonderful children head off to school and Anthony said he needed to visit his dad.

Then my sweet but stubborn husband heads off to work.

And I am ready to get back to work myself. I need a little distraction. I won’t be taking you along with me. It’s going to be a long boring day. I have a lot of catching up to do and hopefully my boss, Giovonni, will understand my taking so many days off recently.

I’m home early. I was suppose to work until 7:00 tonight, but with Noelle getting off school at 3:00, I wanted to be home to show her and Anthony their new home. Dulcie greeted me.

My nephew came home with Xavier since they live down the road. I’m glad Xavier has someone to play with that is family.

Noelle called up Anthony and let him know she was home from school. She also informed him that they would be moving into their new home. I don’t like her new look at all. Her new hairstyle is the only change I do like. Green is her favorite color and she spiced her hair up with it.

Since the new home is right next to my bro’s house, I tell Xavier he can come along to see the new home as we drop Joseph off. Angel stayed at school to hang out at the school library. He’s become a bookworm. He’s also been writing a lot on his social media page. And I don’t mean updates. He’s really good at writing short stories. I’m glad he has a hobby. I hope he is thinking about his role as heir as well, however.

We walk on over to Noelle and Anthony’s new home. The workers did an amazing job. Noelle gives me a hug. I’m glad that hasn’t changed with her. She loved to give me hugs and she still does.

Xavier is not taking a liking to Anthony it seems. I’m not exactly sure why.

Having dinner without Noelle tonight made the atmosphere different. I could even tell Karlo missed having her there. I think even Xavier misses his big sis already.

I tell Angel he should think about looking for a job soon to help with expenses and to think about his position as heir. I am happy for him that he has been devoting his time to being at the school library and hanging out with friends, but school will be over in eight days and he’ll be growing up into a handsome young adult. He nods and smiles.

I go down and talk to dad. I am sad and angry at the same time, but need to hold it in for my family. I wanted to know why my little Noelle has changed. Was it because she couldn’t be heir? I wanted the Noelle I knew back. I think it took a toll on her when her grandpa died. And now it’s all coming out.

The waterworks begin. I’m not mad at Noelle. I’m angry at the situation. Some good has to come of it, right dad?

Before I go to bed next to my sweet husband, I take a long cold shower. It’s Friday and maybe the weekend will be better. Talking to dad helped things. I’ll go talk to mom tomorrow. I have the weekend off from work.

As I climb into bed next to Karlo, he has a happy smile on his face. I’m glad he is having a good dream. Maybe I will, too.

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