HoP: Chapter 1


Chapter 1


They say opposites attract and it couldn’t be any truer for Bob and Eliza Pancakes. Poor, poor Bob and Eliza – have they ever been happy? It seems there’s nothing one can do to please the other.

Bob Pancakes is a bit of a slob and he doesn’t mind it. Although he does love his wife, he is more at ease when he spends time alone. When he meets new people, he tends to tense up until he actually gets to know the person. He’s not much of a social butterfly, so he avoids the crowds unless he has to. That means when Eliza makes him go out. If he doesn’t fit in with the crowd, it makes it more awkward for Bob and he will tend to get embarrassed. And if that happens, Bob becomes unhappy and sad. But that’s where his creation of food excels. Bob has an essence of flavor when it comes to cooking.

Bob wants to master the culinary arts. He never had the chance to go to college, so he started learning on his own. He considers himself to be an Aluminum Chef. A little below what a Master Chef would be considered. In his own mind, that is.

Standing behind the food stations unable to eat the food is never easy, but it’s the new reality for Bob. As a Caterer, his days are filled with ridiculous dancing at weddings, failed team-building exercises, and really weird baby shower games. But when Bob gets home from work, his cooking comes out even better.

Eliza Pancakes is a perfectionist. Everything has to be a certain way. And if she becomes creative to make something, she spends that extra bit of time to make it just right. And because of this, she is also a neat freak. She doesn’t like it and sometimes wishes she wouldn’t, but she always cleans up after Bob. From doing the dishes to washing the laundry. If company comes over, there is no way Eliza would have a speck of dust for her guests to find. Bob may make the money, but Eliza likes to spend it. She wants to be up on all the new and trendy stuff. Although she likes to spend Bob’s money, she knows her limits.

Eliza is in competition with the Landgraab’s and Goth’s when it comes to owning a home. She wants to own the biggest and fanciest home. She’s even given herself the title of Mansion Baroness when she achieves her dream. Right now she just calls herself the Estate of the Art.

Even though she has no job that brings in any income to the Pancakes household, Eliza considers herself a domestic engineer.

Bob and Eliza Pancakes live in Willow Creek. Their address is Pique Hearth. They have no neighbors. There are currently three unoccupied homes and an empty lot on their block. Bob has no arguments over it and enjoys the solitude. He hopes it stays that way.

Because the Pancakes are a diverse couple, their house also reflects their relationship. While the kitchen, living room, and dining room are all downstairs, the upstairs is essentially divided into two halves so that both Bob and Eliza have their own bedrooms and bathroom.

Just what is keeping this couple together? Or, conversely, what is the spark that will finally drive them apart?

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  • Love the start of your challenge and how you introduce the characters. Even though we know the Pancakes, I like the extra that you put into the backstory. Great work!

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