2.10: Who’s That Girl?

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 10: Who's That Girl?

Christian was bored, so he decided to see what he could do in Bucky’s room. There wasn’t much to see or do.

Christian (to himself): What a boring brother!

Then Christian noticed part of a book hanging out from under the bed. He grabbed the book and quickly went through it. He stopped at a section towards the middle when he saw the words ‘dead or alive?’. ¬†Bucky had written about a girl in Granite Falls that went missing. This intrigued Christian and he sat at Bucky’s desk to read more.

All of a sudden, Bucky walks in.

Bucky: What the plum are you doing? That’s mine, not yours!

Bucky quickly snatches his journal from Christian.

Christian (laughing): My brother has a diary.
Bucky: It’s a journal.
Christian: Who’s that girl? The one you’ve been drawing. And why does it say dead or alive?
Bucky: Not that it’s any of your business, it’s about the family vacation we took when you were younger. Best day I ever had. I made little Christian cry.
Christian: You did not.
Bucky: Waaaah!
Christian: Shut up!
Bucky: Stop snooping around my stuff then!

Christian never listened to his brother. Whenever Bucky was still in school after he got home, Christian would search his room and find his journal and read all about the mysterious girl from Granite Falls.

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