Day 4: Scientific Discoveries

To my surprise, mom and dad were up when I got up for work. I only had about 3 hours of sleep, but I tried to hide it. I supposedly went to bed early last night according to my parents and if they see me tired, they are going to get suspicious.

I give them a both a morning hug and ask what they are doing up so early. Dad says he wants to at least say have a good day at work or something. This is the military, dad. It’s hard work. But I enjoy his enthusiasm.

I change into my uniform and then have breakfast with mom and dad today in our new home. I question him about last night when he said this was probably an alien site. He offered his opinion that those night lights are not really night lights and some sort of alien baby maker. And that lady we met was hosting an alien inside of her. I tell him he’s been watching too much science fiction on the television.

I tell mom to make sure dad lays off the science fiction channel for today. I could hear my ride pull up, so I wish them both a wonderful day. As I’m walking to the jeep, I ask myself if dad has some truth to what he is saying.

It was a little after 11:15 and Junior was getting bored. He wanted to go out. He asked Anne if she wanted to go back to the bar and see if they could meet more aliens. Anne rolled her eyes. She would like to meet new people, though. She reminded herself she would need to invite Alice over sometime.

They both donned their bootcamp style clothing from their earlier days and headed to the 8 Bells bar. They found a seat at the bar counter. There were a few others in the bar as well, but other than that it was quiet. All of a sudden, they heard a familiar voice approach the side of the bar counter.

It was Marlee, the conspiracy theorist. Junior blurts out if and asks if she’d recorded any alien abductions lately. Anne rolled her eyes again and began chatting up the Mixologist. It wasn’t Alice, but it was someone else besides her husband to talk to right now. She decided to ignore this conversation Junior was about to start.

The other two at the bar decided to leave. Marlee wasn’t happy that Junior was openly talking about her theory. Marlee sat next to Junior and told him he needs to be careful what he says and does around here. There’s eyes and ears everywhere. Marlee leans into Junior and tells him of some kind of contaminated fruit.

After coming home, I am eager to continue my investigation. I’m hoping I can move along faster and gain favor with the higher ups and they’ll let me in on what is going on here. But for not, it’s just me doing my own private investigation.

I notice mom and dad in their bootcamp garb, but don’t bother to ask. Time is of the essence right now. I overheard at the military base that there are scientists hanging out at the local Information Center right now and I need to figure out why. I tell them I need to run a quick errand and they should change. I needed to go the library and they are welcome to join me I tell them. For me, they’re a distaction.

There was Erwin, behind the small little souvenir looking stall. I wanted to update him on my findings at the secret lab. I thanked him for telling me to go through the back. All the doors there seemed to be unlocked. I question myself why that is, but not to Erwin.

What intrigues me next is what Erwin tells me…

He shares that the military is involved. Erwin has a friend on the inside that fills him in on certain things and even gives him evidence. Erwin may look like an average joe with a geeky mind, but he’s smarter than he lets on.

I jokingly ask him if a keycard to the secret lab is one of the pieces of evidence he has.

He suggests I find more of my own evidence before he gives me some of his. One might very well be a card to access the secret room in the secret lab. I think Erwin is hiding to me more than he really knows. I’m also wondering if he really is just a theorist or if he’s more.

When I arrive to the Information Center with mom and dad, I already see 2 scientists chatting away. I tell mom and dad to check out what’s around and let me know what fun stuff they find.

I stand around the corner of a shelving in hopes they don’t see me and listen in on the two scientists. They are too far away to get a good sense of what is being said, but I do hear the word infected. So maybe it’s not an alien thing, but an epidemic and folks around here are diseased? Is it safe to be here?

Then the female scientist notices me.

She approaches me and asks why I am spying on them. I go into defense mode to help my case and say I am not spying on anyone. I am here with my parents showing them around when I am not on duty. She asks for my name and I tell her I am Officer Simself. Then I ask her in return who the accuser of him spying what her name is. She replies with Dr. Wilder.

Dr. Wilder notices papers and photos in my pocket which I didn’t discreetly hide. I forgot I had these in my pockets still. She points to them asks me what they are. I tell her they are military only and none of her business.

She gets closer into my personal space and then whispers to me she is working on to expose the government of what is going on here. If whatever I have were truly in possession of military only, I would have shared them with her as she being a scientist. She asks me what is going on.

I ask her how I can trust if this truly is the case. Not that it is. She says she is an author who exposes truths and writes about them. She really is a scientist, but uses it to help her write her books. I explain to her my dreams I have been having and I am somehow connected to this town. That maybe I was purposely meant to be here. I tell Dr. Wilder I really did join the military, but not to be caught up in all this.

We decide to team up and work together. I ask her what her plans are for later tonight. When she says she doesn’t have anything, I tell her to dress in all dark and meet me at the crater around 11:00. I have stuff I want to show her. She agrees. She also tells me I can call her Joie. I in return say my first name, Joseph.

I meet up with Joie that evening. I show her all the stuff I’ve found here. There are a few rooms I hadn’t explored yet. So we go through the papers and computers together. We find more evidence different than what I retrieved before. I now also found a suspiciously blurry photo and a packet of mysterious seeds.

Talking with Joie, she is a really nice woman. I’m glad I met her. But perhaps I was suppose to meet her as well. All this is so strange to me. I decided to wait on telling her about the conspiracy theorists I met since my arrival. I trust her, but not sure yet if they would. Or if she would even trust them.

I think I have enough now to take to Erwin. If he doesn’t give me more information or what I need, I’ll scare it out him.

I take Joie home. It’s about 2:00 in the morning now. I’m already lacking sleep from yesterday. It’s going to be the same thing today. I think it’s the adrenaline that is keeping me going. However, I should try and get a little sleep.

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