#BuildNewcrest: Day 89

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 89 (Household Income: §44,970)

Yesterday was my day of aging up to full adulthood. I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate, but kept a smile for my family. I wasn’t feeling up to being happy because my daughter Noelle didn’t come home. She did end up texting that she’ll be home in the morning later last night. I’m glad she is okay, but still disappointed she didn’t contact me earlier.

I’m woken up by someone tapping my shoulder. I’m a bit groggy, but I remember watching the news on t.v. I must have fallen asleep and Karlo is waking me up to join him in bed.

Instead, there’s a young woman with black hair with green and blue highlights staring at me. I rub my eyes. “Noelle?” I ask. She smiles and nods. This doesn’t look like my daughter, but it also does. I rub my eyes again.

Noelle sits down next to me. I look at the time on the t.v. and it’s a little after 5:ooam. I look back at Noelle. Her hair is different. Her clothes are different.

I ask her what she did to her hair. She fans it and asks if I like it. It’s not that I don’t, it’s just different. Instead of answering her, I ask her another question about why she didn’t answer her phone yesterday or call saying she was going to be out late. Noelle told me all about the graduation party and that Tony insisted we all go to his cabin in Granite Falls afterwards.

“Tony?” I asked. She said it was his graduation. He’s the adopted brother of the sister she was going to babysit. Tony is short for Anthony I found out. I proceeded to tell her she still could have called and mentioned all this. Noelle said she was too caught up in the moment in-between.

Although I’m not for punishment, I know Karlo is not going to be happy and repercussions of this will come from him. I tell Noelle she should hang out in her room and maybe take a nap. Her dad is going to want to talk to her when he wakes up.

Noelle tells me she can’t. Her husband is waiting outside. Husband? Noelle is married? I questioned her on this. She shows me the ring and said they eloped after the graduation. Next thing I know, I hear myself calling….yelling for Karlo.

Karlo rushes in. He quickly stops in shock when he sees Noelle. Then he looks at me. I nod. He looks back at Noelle with a not so happy look on his face.

I blurt out that our teenage daughter’s husband is waiting outside.

Author’s Note: Teenagers cannot get married in The Sims game(s) without a cheat. I used MCCC (MC Command Center) Mod that allows teenagers to be married.

Deja vu all over again between these two. I’m over here crying while my husband and daughter are starting a world war in the house with words.

Karlo tells Noelle that he is going to get this marriage annulled. She is only a teenager. She responds that she loves Tony and if he does, she’ll run away.
Karlo counteracts that he’ll have the police get her and bring her home. Noelle replies she’ll just keep running away and maybe go as far as to where no one can find her.

I ask the two of them to stop as tears run down my face. I request to Noelle she lets Anthony inside so we can all talk. She corrects me by saying Tony, in a softer tone.

I don’t approve of Noelle and Tony being married. And I agree they should get an annulment. But I also don’t want to lose Noelle. The four of us sit in the living room and talk it out. I have to occasionally calm Karlo down. He’s been a bit of a hot-head as far as I can remember back in high school.

Angel and Xavier are soon up and I tell Angel to make them cereal and if he would help Xavier get ready for school.

Angel doesn’t hesitate in my request. He walks up to me without commenting on his sister’s new look and says that there is a Page Turners club meeting after school. Aunt-in-law Anne runs the club and is having it at her house, so it’s right next door.

I call into work and tell Giovanni I have to use a vacation day. He doesn’t ask questions from the tone of my voice and only says he’ll see me tomorrow.

I spend much of the day talking to Noelle and Anthony. There came to an agreement that I will have a home built across the street where they could stay. I also had personal reasons to put them next door to bro to keep an eye on them since he works for the police station. But I didn’t tell Noelle that. The new home should be ready tomorrow sometime I was told.

When evening arrived, Noelle slept in her room…

And Anthony slept on the couch for the night.

I go online and see that Angel has started his own social media page. He’s talking about all the fun times he is having at school and spending time in the school library. He’s also sharing poems and short stories he’s been writing. I link to his social media page from mine. It’s good to see what he’s been doing after the day I’ve had.

I find Karlo sound asleep, so I quietly slip into bed next to him.

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  • Married??? That’s a surprise. Noelle’s hairstyle is similar to Carrie’s in LASL when she ages up. Wow… I can see why Karlo and Juju are concerned but didn’t Juju get pregnant pretty close after graduation? Maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’m glad she wants to keep Noelle close. Even if she’s were older, she would still need the support.

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