2.9: Happy Birthday, Dad!

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 9: Happy Birthday, Dad!

Time was passing by fast for Andrew. Today was his birthday and he could feel his aging. Bucky was a teenager and the twins, Christian and Chloe were grade schoolers.

Andrew looked at himself in the mirror.

Andrew (speaking to himself): You’re the big four zero, Andrew. You’ve got a wonderful wife and three beautiful children. I can’t believe Bucky is already seventeen. He graduates high school next year. Your twins are twelve. I remember when they were just toddlers. You still have your best friend, J, who you’ve been friends with for almost twenty years. To our surprise and their, Don and Violet had twins as well and are friends with Christian and Chloe. Where has the time gone?

Zoe told Andrew he had to wait in the bedroom for awhile and to not come out until told to do so.

The rest of the family was decorating the dining room. They set up wall stickers to make it festive for Andrew. They added balloons, a chalkboard with a drawing of a cake and a small bear to remind him of Granite Falls. Zoe had forgiven him in due time.

Since Andrew was turning forty, Bucky made sure to make it known when he entered the dining room. Big 40 plastered on the wall. Andrew and Bucky had a close bond.

Zoe finally yelled he could come out into the dining room. When he did, he was surprised. He figured there would be just a cake and maybe party hats along with some gifts. He did not expect what he saw.

Andrew: Wow. This is amazing. You guys went all out.
Bucky (pointing to the 40 sticker on the wall): You only turn forty once.

Andrew notices the wall and the bear underneath the 40 sticker.

Andrew (chuckling): You all are unbelievable.

Zoe lit a candle on the cake and started to sing… which the children took the cue and joined in.

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear daaaaad!
Happy birthday to you!

Andrew blew out his candle and felt something new about himself. He kissed and hugged each of his family members.

Andrew: Thank you my Zoe!
Zoe: Happy birthday my Andrew!

Christian: Happy birthday, dad!

Chloe: Happy birthday, daddy!

Bucky: Happy birthday, old man!

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