#BuildNewcrest: Day 88

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 88 (Household Income: §39,415)

Mom visited me before I got up yesterday. Both dad and mom have now visited me as ghosts. It has made me a believer. Karlo received a major promotion at work. He is now the Vice-President of the company he works for.

As I get up, I remember today is the day I turn into an adult. I’m already a young adult, now I get to be a full fledged adult. I get to join my husband. He became one a while back.

As I get up and put my robe on, I notice the mirror at my desk. I sit down and peer into it. I imagine what changes I’ll have. Karlo had added some wrinkles when he got older. I guess I will too.

I smell bacon and eggs. Karlo is still sleeping, so am guessing Angel or Noelle is up.

I make my way into the kitchen to see it is Angel. He knew I was aging up today, so he wanted to make breakfast for me. He says the others can join when they get up. The smell will wake them.

I tell him that makes me real happy and how proud I am of him and that he will make a great heir because of his attitude. Not that Xavier isn’t a good little boy, but Angel has grown to be a mature teenager.

I go in for a hug.

When it’s time for Angel, Noelle, and Xavier to go to school, Noelle wasn’t ready. Angel and Xavier head out to catch the bus.

Noelle said she was going to skip today. This made Karlo a bit angry. He told her she is not skipping classes.

She reminded us that we allowed her to go to her friend’s graduation party. I guess we just assumed it was after school, but according to Noelle it was around lunch time.

Karlo was standing his ground stating she is not going to miss out on classes. Noelle was standing hers stating we allowed her to go. I don’t think we’ve ever had a fight in our household like this.

I pull Karlo aside and reassure him one day won’t be so bad. I ask him as an aging up gift to me that he let her go.

It takes some time, but he gives in.

Noelle gives me a hug and thanks me and tells me I am the best mom ever.

At 10:00am, it’s time for me and Karlo to go to work. He works 10-6 and I work 10-7. I’ll see you when I get home.

I’m home from work. Not much of eventful day. Still hoping to get that promotion soon.

As I get inside, I see Karlo on his phone and Angel on his. I ask Xavier what’s going on.

He says that Noelle hasn’t been home since they got home from school or their dad from work an hour ago. That dad is on the phone with the dad of her boyfriend and Angel is on the phone with friends trying to figure out where she is.

I go into panic mode myself and call her cell phone, but it goes to voicemail. Angel tells me that dad already tried that.

When Karlo gets off the phone, he tells me he was talking to Anthony’s father and that the graduation party ended a few hours ago at the house and some of his friends went to Granite Falls to continue the party.

At least I know where she is. I only hope everything is okay because she hasn’t responded to any calls.

Soon, I hear the doorbell ring and I felt relief. Noelle is home. She probably forgot or lost her keys. But it wasn’t her. It was sis. Hope had stopped by to drop off an aging up gift for me.

She saw the worried look on my face and asked what was wrong. I told her that Noelle hasn’t come home yet and it was getting late.

I open sis’ gift and it was a painting of me. She is truly an artist. I was in awe. I tell her it is a beautiful gift and give her a hug. We hang it on the wall in our bedroom.

The time for me to age up has come. I wish Noelle was here and I’m not in the mood to really celebrate it. Karlo had already made a cake yesterday, so I decide to not let it go to waste and blow out the candles. I fake a smile as my family congratulates me.

It’s a little after 10:00pm and I’m sitting on the living room couch worried. Angel and Xavier had gone to bed. Karlo was next to me heated but also worried.

My phone buzzes that I got a text message. It’s from Noelle. She typed that she got my message and dad’s. She’s okay. She’s better than okay. She’ll be home in the morning and tells me not to worry.

I can’t sleep, so I watch some t.v. I told Karlo to go ahead and go to bed.

As I’m watching the news repeat from earlier this evening, they are saying that the Sims Government have installed a system of climate controlling satellites and that weather patterns will change more quickly than before. Sims should see the effects coming in the days to come at the end of the weekend.

Side Note: This is where I am introducing the Seasons Pack into my story. I hope you enjoy!

I also take a look over at the loveseat and see Dulcie has aged up as well. Poor kitty didn’t even get to celebrate. She went from black to gray and white. We’ll have to celebrate it when Noelle gets home tomorrow.

I lay my head down on the couch and close my eyes. This has not been a day I expected.

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1 thought on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 88”

  • “He knew I was aging up today, so he wanted to make breakfast for me.” Aww… Angel is a good son.

    I’m a little miffed at Noelle for making her parents worry, but she is a teenager. That’s normal, I suppose.

    Aww… yay! We got to see Hope again. That was nice. She must have inherited her mother’s artistic gene. She did a good job on that painting. Nice seasons announcement.

    Aww… Dulcie… poor kitty. Aging up… she looks so forlorn on that loveseat.

    I hope the next day is better for Jubilee and family.

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