2.05: Together We Aspire

Jungle Ruin 2
2.05: Together We Aspire

“In our last episode, you saw me pulling this lever behind me after I had assembled the leaf glyphs. I was attempting to find some way to make the green mist disappear so my team could continue our journey further into the temple.

“I anxiously pulled the lever in hopes I configured the correct glyphs.”

“But it was the wrong glyph. A red glow shined from the pillar and the tip of the lever. I was beginning to be surrounded by dirt and slowly rose in the air just a few feet before being put back on the ground quickly where I almost fell over. I had to catch my balance because behind me was nothing but a long way down to the bottom of the temple.”

“I assembled the glyphs again and this time I matched up the images of the sun. I pulled the lever again. I noticed a hazy blue color as I finished pulling the lever.”

“I heard shouts from the other side that the green mist was fading away and the opening is clearing up. Yes! The sun glyphs were lining up and the pillar was settling into place. I had a feeling if I got it wrong again, my team would have needed to come help me from dangling over the ledge behind me.”

I gather the team together to the arch where the green mist was and now an entrance awaits us with continued adventures inside the temple.

We make our way down further into the temple. It’s nice to get out of the outside weather right now. Yesterday it down poured rain. Today was much nicer, but I know from experience that just means it was going to be a hot and muggy experience.

I am in awe.

As there was silence when moving further into the temple, Digger decided to break it. He says that his cousin Allan had opened a museum with many artifacts from King Solomon’s mines that he found and collected.

Little did he know I knew the truth and that Digger was the actual one who discovered the mines. I knew Digger wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity to explore Selvadorada, so I sent him a personal invite.

Digger continues to tell the group that he hopes to find treasures here to add to his cousin’s collection in the museum. People pay big simoleons to look at ancient stuff. I do believe that Digger is a true explorer, but also has the greedy money collecting side of him as well.

We are confronted by an archway with more green mist. I sure hope there is something big within this temple to take back with us in remembrance.

I look around to see a long dark hallway. The trigger must be down there somewhere, so I take the team down the long path. Sage seems to be a brave one and leads the team. Who knows what lurks at the end of the hallway. She must feel confident wearing that leather outfit of hers. You go, Sage.

In front of us is a standalone skeleton statue holding a spear. It looks like a guardian of the temple.

To our left is another set of skeletons holding spears that look like levers. I know how well those work from my previous expedition. I’ll make sure we stay away from those.

To the right are bowls similar to my previous expedition. I’m positive one of these will release the green mist so we can continue on.

This time I decide to get assistance from my team. I explain that three of these bowls are traps and one is the actual trigger to allowing us to proceed into the temple even further.

Destiny says she will give it a try. She looks around for some dirt and sand. With the pile in her hand, she begins to pour it in the bowl with the trees glyph symbol. Everyone else watches in anticipation. A red glow forms above the glow. Wrong bowl, Destiny. Digger turns around not wanting to watch, but nothing happens. Destiny got lucky.

Carlyle wanted to see if he could give it a try. He says if he’s brave enough to do this, he’s brave enough to do anything. I like this guy. His profile mentioned he’s a bookworm on exploration. Maybe he knows more than he’s letting on. I’m curious to see how he does.

He finds dirt and sand from the nook and crannies of the dirty floor. He heads over to the bowl with the arrowheads on them. I don’t think this is going to turn out good.

As I suspected. Poor Carlyle. A red glow forms above the glow and sand forms around Carlyle while he raises in the air. I watch carefully in case I need to intervene. I don’t want to lose a member of my team. Luckily for him, he just got a mouthful of dirt. He’ll have a bad aftertaste after this. But I commend him for trying.

Octavius was with me when I pulled the lever for our last trap encounter. He already has sand in his hand and moves toward the bowl with the sun on it. Perhaps he thinks the same glyph works for this trigger as well. Good luck, Octavius.

The looks in his eyes were sad when there was a red glow above the bowl. Sage had a sadistic smile on her face. Or maybe it was a pity smile.

All of a sudden, a dart flies at Octavius and he is fast enough to dodge it. I’m glad he has good reflexes, but it almost hit me in the end.

Kali is already pouring sand in the last bowl. Of course she is. Maybe she just wants to get this over with. Even if it was the wrong bowl, I am curious if anything would actually happen to her being a goddess and all.

But to my surprise, there is a red glow above the bowl. Nothing happens to her just like Destiny.

None of these bowls triggered  the correct response. Which means it has to be one of these skeletons with spears. I’m not going to put my team through all this again and decide to play roulette. I pick the middle skeleton and pull the spear.

Author’s Note: This SimLit is an I.S.B.I. (I’m Surrounded By Idiots) where I only control Fox Fever and the game controls the other sims/characters and I write a story around that. With the Jungle Adventure Pack, the NPCs (non-playing characters) will not autonomously trigger anything that the Pack sets forth. This chapter, I decided to break the rules of only controlling one sim, Fox Fever. The sim you see triggering other traps was controlled by me for story purposes. All other interactions you see were game driven and again, I just wrote a storyline around it.

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