#BuildNewcrest: Day 86

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 86 (Household Income: §40,460)

The community had voted Angel as the next heir. But he said he wasn’t quite ready to take on the roll. I told him that was okay, he has his whole life ahead of him still. He just became a teenager. I also got to meet the family for which Noelle is babysitting for. They seem like a friendly family. It was nice of them to adopt a young boy and raise him as their own.

First thing I do when I wake up is go to the basement where dad’s urn is. I think he visited me yesterday and it wasn’t a dream. I thank him for the visit and tell him to stop by again. Is that silly?

Then I visit mom’s grave outside. I haven’t visited it since the day of the funeral. I tell mom it was nice seeing dad’s ghost and hope she would come visit me, too. I miss mom just as much as I do dad.

Afterwards, I see Karlo is already up making breakfast. I could smell the bacon and eggs from outside coming in.

As we’re eating, Angel and Xavier compliment chef dad on the breakfast. Karlo rarely cooks, but when he does, it’s delicious.

Noelle changed the topic to herself. She was excited to go babysit Rosetta tonight. I am glad she is occupying herself. It’s still clear she is not happy that she wasn’t able to have a chance at being heir and running the household. I’m thankful that she isn’t mad or upset with Angel. It might be a twin thing. She’s more angry at me.

At 8:00am, I send Angel, Noelle, and Xavier off to their first day of school. Karlo had already mentioned at the breakfast table that they all better strive for good grades, especially Angel. I watch around the side of the house as they walk to the bus. Angel has that confident look on himself. I’m sure it’s going to be the talk of the school that he will be helping build this part of Newcrest. I remember when I was told and all my friends wanted to know how I felt. I could hear Noelle telling Xavier he’ll be having girls line up to be his girlfriend since he’s a Simself. I could see Xavier looking at his big sis with a grin on his face.

Then it was Karlo‘s turn to leave. He’s been enjoying his position as Senior Manager at work.

Lastly it is my turn to go to work. I’ll be going alone as I haven’t received a promotion last time I went. It’s got to be boring watching me do the same thing.

I’m home from work. I had a proactive day.

Karlo had dinner on the table already when I walked inside. I take a seat and join my family. I ask Angel, Noelle, and Xavier how their first day of school went.

Angel was excited to tell me that he got an invitation to join the Page Turners club. He was in the school library during his break period and was checking out what they had to offer. He was approached by another student and asked if he was interested. He was checking his email earlier after he got home and saw the invite. I tell him grandpa and grandma were in that club. Maybe that’s why they asked him to join. I’m happy for him.

Noelle said she had a normal first day. Nothing special. She found out from her classmate Anthony that she will have weeknights off from babysitting. They just need her on weekends. Anthony is graduating from high school in the middle of the week and she asked if she could go. When he visited, he was a gentleman the whole night. I didn’t see the harm. Plus her attitude had changed.

Author’s Note: For some reason, I thought babysitting was weeknights. Oh, well. I had a plan B in place for the drama that is going to unfold.

Xavier said his cousin and neighbor, Joseph the third, is in most of his classes. He invited him over after school for a short while. I was okay with it. Afterall, he is family. And Xavier has someone to play with after school now.

I jump online and share with my followers that Angel has been invited to the Page Turners club. I also tell them how handsome and precious my three children have become. I’m so proud of all three of them.

I snuggle into bed next to Karlo. What a wonderful week this has been so far.

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