2.8: An Outdoor Retreat (part 4)

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 8: An Outdoor Retreat (part 4)

The week was going fast for the Duckson family. They played horseshoes, sat around the firepit each night, visited neighbors on occasion, and much more.

Andrew hung out a lot with Bucky. They went fishing and caught some fish for dinner. They went hiking together.

Bucky continued to write in his journal about the missing girl. He wondered if she was still alive. He drew pictures of what she might have looked like. He wrote asking himself why no one had found her.

On the night before their last day of vacation, Andrew approached Bucky in his room.

Andrew: Sorry we didn’t get to see any bears this week. But I think if we work together, we can make mom see a bear or two.
Bucky: Huh?
Andrew: There’s a shop near camp that rents bear costumes as well as other animal costumes. How would you like to give mom a little surprise spook before the day is over.
Bucky: She’s going to be real mad.
Andrew: I’ll take all the blame. I’ll make sure you don’t get in trouble.
Bucky: Okay.

Andrew and Bucky headed to the rental shop. Andrew rented two bear costumes, one for himself and one for Bucky. When they got home, they devised their plan to scare Zoe.

The two waited until after dinner and the twins were well asleep. They didn’t want to frighten Christian and Chloe.

Bucky: Mom is going to be REALLY mad.
Andrew: Like I said, you’re already in the clear. This was all my idea. She should be doing the dishes, so we’ll sneak out the back. You stand by the front door and I’ll go to the side window by the kitchen.

The two put their plan into motion. They both got into their bear costumes and headed out the back door. Bucky went one way around the cabin to the front door while Andrew went the other way to the kitchen window. As suspected, Zoe was doing the dishes.

Andrew tapped on the window and Zoe looked up to see a bear staring at her in the window.

She screamed and ran to the front door where Bucky was waiting. Seeing another bear, Zoe quickly closes the door.

Zoe (screaming): Bears! Andrew, there’s bears!”

Zoe ran up the stairs to where the twins were. They were no longer sleeping but now were crying because mom was upset. Andrew wanted to scare Zoe, but never thought she would freak out. He slipped out the costume and ran upstairs calling her name. He found her in the twins’ room.

Zoe (looking scared): There are bears outside. Call the Ranger.
Andrew: No, no. That was me and Bucky. We’re leaving tomorrow and Bucky wanted to see bears. I told him he and I could be bears.

Zoe puts the twins back to bed, smiling at them and telling them everything is okay. She motions Andrew out the door and closes it behind them. Then they go to their room where she shuts the door.

Zoe (now getting angry): That was NOT funny, Andrew. You scared the plumbob out of me and made me wake the kids up crying. This was not funny at all.
Andrew: I didn’t think you’d get hysterical. But you have to admit, I looked cute, eh?
Zoe: Not funny, Andrew!

After more getting yelled at, Andrew ended up sleeping on the couch downstairs. He told Bucky everything was fine and that he should go to bed. They have a long travel home in the morning.

The Duckson family left for home bright and early. Andrew made the call to see if the house was done and it was finished earlier than expected. Andrew thought it was going to be nice to let the twins have their own room instead of sleeping with him and Zoe. Zoe didn’t speak a word to Andrew after the events of the night before. This was an outdoor retreat they would all remember.

When arriving home, the family was in awe. They had their own place to call their own. A true place for Andrew’s legacy.

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  • That was a beary good chapter! lol Oh those jokesters scaring poor Zoe. It’s amazing she didn’t chase them down with a broom or something. I guess Andrew won’t be playing any more tricks on Zoe. Their new house is great, love it!

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