#BuildNewcrest: Day 85

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 85 (Household Income: §40,428)

Yesterday, I set up my online poll on my social media page. The community was able to pick who they would like to see as the next person to run the household and continue my dad’s work on building this part of Newcrest. It’s between my two boys Angel and Xavier. Noelle wasn’t all too happy she wasn’t on the poll. But it was dad’s wishes to have each heir be the opposite gender of the previous.

I open my eyes and there is a green light at the end of my bed. I squint to the clock on the nightstand next to Karlo. It’s around 2:30 in the morning. As I get up the green light comes closer to me. I’m not fully awake. As I rub my eyes, I can see the form of my dad. Is this real? Am I seeing the ghost of my dad?

Then he speaks. He says “Good morning my little Juju!” I’m in shock, but also happy to see him. I ask him why he is here. He replies that he wanted to see his daughter. He looks happy. He fell into a depression before he died. Mom had died earlier that morning. He looks like his happy self again. I ask him how the afterlife is. He tells me it’s beautiful. He’s with mom and friends. I jokingly ask, “What friends?” He honestly answers that he sees his good friends Cathy, July, and Megs.

I fill dad in on everything about the family. That I’ll find out today if Angel or Xavier is the heir. I share that Noelle wasn’t happy that she couldn’t become the next heir. He says he feels good things will come for her.

As we are talking, his form changes from green to white. He tells me his time is up here. They can only visit for a short period of time a night. Turning white means it is time to go back to the afterlife.

Although I can’t give him a real hug, this feels real to me. I can feel his energy around me. I do miss dad and mom.

I wake up around 7:00am. Did I have a dream? It felt so real. Dad visited me as a ghost.

I am eager to see which one of my boys will be taking on the role to work on this part of Newcrest. Helping my bro by building a house across the street from ours was a big thing for me. Dad built a whole park. Maybe I’ll build more homes. Afterall, Noelle and Xavier will probably want to move out one day. After I get onto the computer, I open up the poll. It looks like the community wants to see Angel as the next heir. I close the poll and respond by thanking everyone who voted.

Today is Sunday. Angel, Noelle, and Xavier start school tomorrow. Angel and Noelle begin high school and Xavier starts grade school.

The morning and afternoon are a typical day in the Simself household on a weekend. I have the weekends off from work. I have Giovanni, my boss, to thank for that. Karlo has the weekends off too. So we spend the day hanging out with the kids.

I share the news that the community has picked Angel to be the next heir. He is excited. Not so much for Noelle still.

As dinner draws near, Noelle has invited the family over for which she will be babysitting. This family likes to wear black. It looks like they just came from a wedding or a funeral.

The father’s name is Giovanni Salvatore. Fancy that. His first name is just like my boss’s name. Noelle will be babysitting his little girl, Rosetta.

He has two sons. Their names are Vincent and Anthony. Anthony is Giovanni’s adopted son. Anthony is in his final days of high school. Noelle will have him as classmates for a few days. Vincent just recently started.

Side Note: Vincent and Anthony were created by @RoryPlaysTheSims from the Sims Community Forums. Giovanni and Rosetta were created by this story’s author @LegacySims2017. Giovanni and Rosetta were created from the genes of Vincent. Vincent and Anthony were downaged to teenagers and had a very minor makeover, but not too much as those who know Vincent and Anthony from the Sims Forums will recognize them.

As we eat, Giovanni explains that he runs a restaurant and the peak hours are during the evening. So he needs his two boys there to help him. That is why he put an ad out for a babysitter. Giovanni mentions there was complications during the pregnancy and his wife didn’t make it. Rosetta was lucky enough to have survived.

Noelle and Anthony were hitting it off well.

Vincent was entertaining Rosetta.

After the Salvatores had left, I told Noelle I was okay with her babysitting Rosetta. Her mood lightened up and she gave me a hug.

I go to bed this evening feeling in a positive mood. I started off my day waking from a dream of my dad. Or it could have been real. I hope it was. To finishing the evening meeting a nice family Noelle will be working for.


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