2.03: My Old Friend

Jungle Ruin 2
2.03: My Old Friend

“Good morning everyone. It’s six o’clock in the morning and my team is ready for a day of exploring. I was able to get to know my team a little more yesterday. So did a lot of bugs.

“This morning it seems to be a rainy morning. I’m hoping it doesn’t last all day. However, I was expecting this forecast already before we came here. I was keeping an eye on the weather channel. A good rain doesn’t hurt anyone. It also makes the jungle smell like a jungle and the temperature isn’t so hot right now.

“The explorers seem to be chatting. Let’s go over and join in.”

Randy is telling Sage she is dressed more for the jungle today and she looks nice. She seems to be happy with the comment. I have to admit she does look more prepared today. Maybe she realizes a dress and high heels are not meant for out here. Her outfit today even matches the outdoors. Kudos to you, Sage. Now you’re ready for a real jungle adventure.

Carlyle is discussing the current weather with Destiny. He tells her that it’s typical for it to rain like this in forests and jungles. And just yesterday, this guy was complaining about the heat. He seems more relaxed with the rain though. Destiny tells him that she is well aware of how it rains. She does her live action scenes in real jungles and uses whatever weather thrown her way to her advantage.

I happen to glance over at Octavius and Digger and notice something unusual. Octavius looks deep in thought with his fingers on his temples. Digger looks like he is in a trance, dazed and confused with a slight glow surrounding himself.

I make my way over to the two. I ask what’s going on over here and Octavius gives me a strange look and says they’re talking about sea creatures, like crabs. Digger has a grin on his face. I’m guessing these two are just messing and joking around.

I grab the mega cooler from my camera and behind-the-scenes crew. I tell my team if they are hungry, now is the time to eat. We’ll be doing a lot of walking perhaps.

As the team was finishing up breakfast and finding bushes to use as bathrooms, Carlyle was embracing the rain at this point. It’s been raining for a good hour and a half. Kali on the other hand was sick of the rain and demanded it stopped. Well, she tried to.

We broke down the tents and packed everything up. It’s now eight o’clock. It’s time to trek further into the jungle.

It takes us about an hour or so to walk further in. I noticed a temple amongst behind a bunch of brushes. And the stairs looked to be blocked by large pillars that fell over. This must be an ancient spot. I asked the team if they were up to try and venture through. I didn’t get any no responses. Kali of course told us to be careful and not to disturb anything. I’m more worried of us at this point.

About ten o’clock and we’re ascending the final stairs to the temple. The team did a great job making their way through the dangerous parts. Randy was in awe of his surroundings.

Kali was still upset that the rain didn’t stop when she demanded it too.

We finally get into the temple and out of the rain. It’s coming down harder now and lightning has started. This is all too familiar for me from my previous and first expedition out here. This temple has similarities as the other. Like this green mist here in the doorway. I need to find the trigger around here that will make it go away. It should be close by.

I saw a rock formation sticking out of the ground and told my team to let me dig this up for a moment. I was curious to know what was under here. It turns out it was platinum metal.

Carlyle said he could hear music. And he isn’t wrong. There is music playing in here somewhere, which is odd. This temple is so old, there shouldn’t be any type of technology here. Which only means someone else is here with us as well.

All of a sudden I hear my name from my right. There standing is Mindy-Anna Jones. She was one of the expeditionists on my team for my first visit out here. I go over to her being followed by some of my current team.

I introduced Mindy to my new explorers. I proceeded to ask her what she’s doing out here. She tells me after our expedition, she decided to come back and live here for a short bit to learn more about the Selvadorian culture. I was proud of her. I motioned towards the speakers and radio and asked her what this was about. She said she had this brought in. She likes to listen to music while studying. She says she’s been here for a few days now and explored bits of this temple.

After talking with Mindy for a bit and introducing her to the rest of my team, I hear another familiar voice. It’s Misty Shipwell. Another one of my previous explorers from my last expedition. Of course, I had to give her a hug as well. Mindy had invited her to go with since Misty was really fascinated last time around.

We talked for what seemed like hours. I could hear my team complaining about being hungry. I looked at the time. Wow. It’s already after five thirty. I can see why they are getting hungry. I ask Misty if I could get her phone number and call her later. She gives it to me and watches me put it into my phone.

I said my goodbyes to Mindy and Misty. Then I took my team to the top of the temple where we could build a fire without burning anything down. I asked my team to gather loose rocks and sticks on our way up.

At the top, we built a small fire pit so we could roast. It didn’t take long for Sage to grab a hotdog from the cooler. Carlyle wasn’t in the mood for roasting, so he grabbed some granola and a paper bowl.

While others found nearby bushes to do their other things.

Afterwards, we all hung out around the fire pit. It’s getting late and around nine thirty. There is no sense in exploring further amongst the temple. Plus, I want to let Mindy and Misty have their time right now. Perhaps they will join us for a bit more tomorrow. I’m not sure.

We pitch the tents just outside the temple and settle in for the evening.

Author’s Note: In case readers are wondering, Digger found out Octavius is an alien. Then Octavius did some mind tricks on him. Taking the screenshot, my mouse was accidently over Digger, which made the outline around him when I screen captured. So I decided to use it in the story. As luck would have it, some of the first expedition team were at the temple Fox and his new team were exploring. This story is on the same save and I had moved the first team into a household. But it looks like some decided to come back to Selvadorada. That is pretty cool! Since the last story, readers thought Fox and Misty had a good relationship, I thought it would be fun to possible pursue it down the road.

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