#BuildNewcrest: Day 84

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 84 (Household Income: §40,739)

It was a big day for us in the Simself house yesterday. Angel, Noelle, and Xavier aged up. Twins Angel and Noelle are now teenagers and Xavier is no longer a toddler, but a handsome young child. He looks even more like his father, Karlo.

I get up at 6:00am and head downstairs to the computer. Today is the day the community will have the chance to pick our next heir for the Legacy that my dad started and continue the build of this portion of Newcrest.

I inform my followers that they can choose between Angel and Xavier. I explain that my dad wanted every generation’s heir to be the opposite gender. That is why Noelle is not in the running. She was not happy with the news about that, but I don’t tell my followers that.

I set up the online poll with pictures and family information about Angel and Xavier. Tomorrow morning I will come back and see who the community picks.

Side Note: If you’ve been following along, you know who the heir is from the previous voting chapter. Thank you to all who voted. The story’s community will find out in the next chapter.

Since I am down here, I go over to my dad’s urn where his ashes are being kept. Behind it is a picture mom had painted of him when they first met.

Today is Saturday. I’m sure Angel, Noelle, and Xavier are happy they don’t have to go to school the day after aging up. I make fruit and yogurt parfait for breakfast. Start them off on a healthier track now they are older.

At the table, I saw that Angel was wearing the angel wings necklace me and Karlo got him for his aging up. He notices me admiring it, so he thanks me for the necklace.

Angel says he has a request. He noticed grandpa had tattoos as well as Uncle Junior. He also mentions that he did see mine on my back a few times. He wanted to know if he could get one. Karlo wasn’t too keen of the idea. Angel kept his focus on me.

I ask Angel what kind of tattoo. He looked down at his necklace and said angel wings like on the necklace. He wants them on his back. I ask him why, hoping the answer isn’t because I have one and so did grandpa. Angel says because it will remind him he can soar and accomplish great things. And that since me and dad named him Angel, it would fit that he had wings to go with the name. He won me over.

I have Saturdays and Sundays off from work, so later that afternoon I take Angel to the nail salon and tattoo parlor in Magnolia Promenade where I got my tattoo. Noelle didn’t care to get one herself. I think she gets that from her dad. And Xavier is too young. Angel is excited. I am happy for him.

When we get inside, Angel tells the tattoo artist what he wants. I sit down on a chair remembering when I was here with bro.

The artist asks Angel to remove his shirt and lay down on the table. It will be easier for her to apply the ink if he lays down. As the tattoo is being inked into his skin, Angel asks me about his grandpa. He wanted to know more about him. What he was like. I told him what dad told me as I was growing up. It was fun going down memory lane.

Time passed quickly as we talked about his grandpa. Soon the tattoo artist said she was done. Angel stood up and turned around so I could see it and asked how it looked. I tell him it’s beautiful. He approaches a long mirror and looks at it in agreement.

At home, I sit Angel and Xavier down to tell them more about the community currently voting right now who will be the next heir. I tell them it’s going to be a big responsibility, but I know the two of them will do wonderful.

Angel likes the idea of the family building a neighborhood. There is so much potential that could be done. He doesn’t know what exactly he would do right now as heir, but he wants to write down ideas and read more about the other parts of Newcrest and its surrounding towns.

Xavier rubs his hands together and says he wants to build the largest playground ever. Angel laughs.

Eating dinner, Noelle says she went out and found a job today while I was with Angel. I congratulate her but also remind her she starts high school on Monday. She says it’s an evening babysitting job for a single dad. She would work Monday through Friday from 6:00pm to midnight. I tell her I would like to meet this guy first. Noelle argues with me but ends up reluctantly agreeing to invite him over tomorrow. I am proud of Noelle that she is stepping up and taking responsibility on her own on helping the family out even with this attitude she has started to have. She is still not happy she wasn’t able to be heir.

As I go to bed, I am eager to await to see who the community chose to be the next heir to continue my father’s legacy.

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