2.7: An Outdoor Retreat (part 3)

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 7: An Outdoor Retreat (part 3)

That evening they decided to sit by the firepit and enjoy roasting marshmallows after dinner.

The twins had a fun day with Zoe.

Andrew spent the day wandering around introducing himself to the neighboring cabins. He also checked out the lodge and other places of interest the family might be interested in visiting.

Bucky spent the day in his room after he came back from spying on Andrew and the Ranger. He had started writing a journal unbeknownst to his mom and dad. He would also draw pictures in it.

Zoe (looking at the twins): So how was everyone’s first day?

The twins were too busy paying attention to the bright flames in the firepit, so Andrew chimed in.

Andrew: I went around and found out we have some really nice neighbors. Also, there are outdoor games.
Bucky: I heard there is a ghost out here…

Christian perked up with a scared look on his face. Bucky continued to speak.

Bucky: There’s a dead girl haunting the park. And no one is suppose to go out alone or she’ll get you.

Christian starts to cry.

Zoe quickly picks him up and tries to calm him down.

Zoe (to Bucky): That wasn’t nice. You made your brother cry.
Bucky: But it’s true.
Andrew: And where did you hear this story?
Bucky (pointing at Andrew): From you, dad.

Zoe quickly flashes a look at Andrew. He puts both hands in the air.

Andrew: I didn’t tell him anything. I was out all alone today. He was in the cabin.
Bucky: I followed you when you left. You were talking to the Ranger. He said a girl went missing a long time ago and no one found her.
Andrew (looking angry): Yes, there was a missing girl. But there are no ghosts and the rest of the conversation about it is no place for here in front of your brother and sister. And why were you following me?
Bucky: Because… nevermind!

Bucky storms off back into the cabin. Andrew gets up and follows.

Bucky sits down on his bed. Andrew comes in and sits next to him.

Andrew: What was that all about? You know your brother and sister can get scared easily. Especially if you go around talking about ghosts.
Bucky: I’m sorry.
Andrew: And why were you following me this morning?
Bucky: I just wanted to hang out with you.
Andrew: I would have invited you along. You’re my little charmer and best bud. You don’t have to follow me in secret. We’ll spend a lot of time together, just the two of us this week. Okay? Mom wanted this to be an outdoor retreat for all of us, so we’ll find something creative to do.
Bucky: Okay.
Andrew: Just no more scaring your brother and sister about ghosts or anything else.

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