#BuildNewcrest: Day 83

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 83 (Household Income: §40,395)

Yesterday was the funeral for dad and mom. It was also the last day that my twins Angel and Noelle would be children. Little Xavier will also no longer be a toddler.

6:00am comes quickly. I’m up making breakfast. I can’t believe it’s Angel’s and Noelle’s last day of grade school. I helped Noelle with her final project last night while Karlo helped Angel with his.

I am still in mourning of losing mom and dad.

As we are finishing up breakfast, I remind Karlo that since Angel is going to be a teenager by the evening hours, that I am thinking of going online to have the community prepare to vote for the next heir. I want to follow dad’s wishes and have the heir be one of the boys.

Noelle doesn’t like the idea and becomes angry. She says she wants to be the heir. I tell her that grandpa Joseph wanted each generation’s heir to be opposite of what the previous one was. Angel was grinning as he was helping clean up the dishes. I hope he is not planning to pick on his sister for not being able to become the next Simself heir.

When 8:00am rolls around, I walk Angel and Noelle to the school bus. Karlo has already taken their projects to put on the bus. Noelle is still upset over the fact she won’t be able to be the next heir.

I’ve taken a lot of days off of work lately, so I decide to go in today. Karlo has plenty of vacation days, he said he will stay home and watch Xavier and go out and buy some party favors for the three birthdays tonight.

I arrive home from work a little after 7:00pm and see Karlo did some decorating as promised. The balloons and chalkboard outside are a nice touch.

Karlo even had dinner on the table waiting when I got inside. As we were eating, Angel said he wants to get more into reading and learning when he grows up.

I noticed that Xavier was also listening to his big brother talk about books.

During my break at work, I called up sis and bro and invited them and their children over to celebrate the aging up of Angel, Noelle, and Xavier. They started to arrive close to 8:00pm. Just enough time for us to clean up and wash the dishes. I gave them hugs all around.

I asked bro where Joseph the 3rd was. He said he had a toddler playdate. They were going to pick him up tonight after the get together.

Side Note: I guess Jubilee doesn’t have a relationship with her nephew, Joseph Simself III. He wasn’t in the options to select to hangout at current location. How sad. I’ll have to make sure she visits him.

Everyone gathered around the dining room table.

First to blow out the candles was Angel. He was born first of the twins. I think he turned into a handsome young man.

Then it’s Noelle’s turn. She was such a beautiful child and aging up to teenager hasn’t changed that. She is still my beautiful young girl.

Finally it’s Xavier’s turn to blow out the candles. Now, to help clarify some things. Each lifespan has a specific amount of days before they age up. Myself and Karlo were lucky enough to have Xavier born where the days he had as a toddler, matched Angel’s and Noelle’s days as children. That is why he is celebrating his aging up as well. Isn’t he an adorable little guy?

Afterwards, I caught up with my sis and bro on how things were going. Sis enjoys her job at the hospital and bro is quickly moving up the ranks at the police station.

When sis and bro left around 10:00pm, Angel and Noelle decided to check out their gifts further in their bedrooms that they redecorated earlier with their dad before I got home from work and we celebrated their aging up. Xavier zonked out and we put him to bed.

I went onto the computer and noticed the condolences were still coming in. I responded to everyone I could. Then I updated my own status with how things were going and that Angel, Noelle, and Xavier have aged up. I finished by posting that tomorrow morning I will put up a public poll on who they all think should be the next heir, Angel or Xavier.

I call it a night as I want to get up early and get this voting poll started. And I want to spend the Saturday with my newly aged up children.

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