2.6: An Outdoor Retreat (part 2)

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 6: An Outdoor Retreat (part 2)

The Duckson family made it to Granite Falls. They had reservations for the Lakeside Retreat cabin. It was around nine o’clock in the morning when they arrived.

Andrew: Who’s ready for breakfast?

The twins were the only ones who showed interest in eating. Zoe and Bucky were admiring the scenery.

Andrew made them all scrambled eggs.

Andrew: So we have a week out here. What do you guys want to do?
Bucky: I want to go exploring. I want to see if I can find a bear.
Zoe: Oh, no you don’t…and won’t.

Zoe stares at Andrew.

Zoe: See what you did!

Bucky also turns to Andrew.

Bucky: C’mon dad. Let’s go find bears.
Andrew: Now now. I’m sure all the bears are sleeping. We’ll leave them alone. How about after breakfast, everyone settles in and tours the cabin a bit while I go find the Ranger and see what fun stuff there is for us to do.
Zoe: That’s a wonderful idea.

After breakfast, Andrew headed out looking for the Ranger. He found him walking one of the paths and introduced himself.

Andrew: Good morning, sir.
Ranger (tilting his hat): Morning.
Andrew: My family just arrived today. We’re vacationing here for a week. My name’s Andrew.
Ranger: Kellen Rivers at your service.
Andrew: Anything you suggest to do around here?
Ranger: If you’re staying at one of the cabins, there’s a firepit at each one. You should be able to find some outdoor games as well. Most people just come for the scenery.
Andrew: It is beautiful.
Ranger: Just don’t wander off too far. We don’t want anyone getting lost. It was about six or so years ago, a young girl wandered off. Unfortunately they never found her. You have kids?
Andrew: Three.
Ranger: Make sure you stay with them if you go hiking or camping.
Andrew: I remember that on the news. Will do. We’ve come here for an outdoor retreat as our house back in Oasis Springs is being renovated.
Ranger: Welcome to Granite Falls, then. Feel free to stop by the Lodging if you have any more questions.
Andrew: Thank you!

Behind some rocks, Bucky had hidden after he followed his dad.

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