2.01: Getting To Know You

Jungle Ruin 2
2.01: Getting To Know You

“Hello viewers. Last time we met, I had requested applications of those who wanted to explore with me the jungles of Selvadorada. Out of all the applications, I picked seven individuals who I wanted to be on my expedition team. We spent a week in Selvadorada and visited the many places it had to offer.

“I have invited a group of seven more who want to explore the jungles and see the beauty this place has to offer. But instead of writing in my journal and telling you the tales, I am letting you join with us as you watch through the lens of the cameras.

“I have sent six of the applicants plane tickets and they have arrived by now. One of the expedition team gave me no choice as she invited herself. She claims she is a goddess. I met her once already and I didn’t want to have any troubles. I’ll introduce you to her in a bit.

“This time around, we are not going to be staying in a lodging facility. Instead, I packed up some essentials into backpacks which would be waiting for them on arrival. We’ll be sleeping in the great outdoors of the jungle. We’ll spend approximately four and half to five days living in the wilds of Selvadorada. I’ve gone ahead and ordered supplies already as well that will be handed out to my expedition team before we leave today. In my last expedition out here, I noticed the Marketplace only had a few each day. As we won’t be making trips back each evening, I had to make sure I had these supplies ahead of time.

“Let’s go seek out my new explorers and see if they’re ready for an adventure!”

I’ve read all their profiles and headshots they sent, so I hopefully will know who’s who. Here we are at the Cantina “El Arbol Del Jaguar”. This is where I asked the tourism folks to drop them off.

To my surprise, Kali is waiting for me at the door. She claims to be a goddess who was summoned to Selvadorada to vanquish evil spirits. When I first met her and she said she was going to follow on this next expedition, I couldn’t help but notice her skin color. It was blue just like Antwan from my previous expedition. I ask her if she’s related to an Antwan Plum. She responds with there is no god named Antwan and she’s never heard of this being before. It didn’t hurt to ask.

To my left I noticed a blonde standing next to a table. This must be Sage Reed. I would pick her out from anywhere. As I size her up and down, I’m kind of wondering if she knows about the outdoors. She talked about herself a lot in her application. I have to admit that one of the reasons I picked her was because she was good looking. I’m hoping she has more outdoorsy clothing with her for the days ahead.

As I was talking to Sage, this amazonian looking woman sits down in front of the television and looks over at me and smiles. I excuse myself from Sage. As I approach her, I can see it is Valeda Tivona. She is a renowned actress for world adventure movies. I heard she plays the same character in all her movies. Reminded me of James Bond movies.

I introduce myself. She greets me and says her name is Destiny Savage. Wait. That’s the character she plays in her movies. I know because I’ve seen one called “Destined for Danger”. I ask her if her name is Ms. Tivona. She replies with that she is Destiny here. Okay, I guess I can play along.

I notice the other four of my explorers have met each other. They were all seated at another table together mingling.

Seeing if I could remember who was who, I believe his name was Digger Quartermain was talking to Randy Coleman. Mr. Quartermain was discussing profit with Mr. Coleman. I chose Digger to join us because his application said he was a cousin to an Allan Quartermain for whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Allan is also an explorer and adventurer. I’ve gone on an expedition with him. I also know a little secret about Digger. He was on an exploration with Allan and found something very special but didn’t take credit for it. As for Randy, his application stated he loves the Outdoors. He enjoys fishing as well. I’m not sure he’ll catch any fish in the jungle. Listening to him talk to Digger, he reminds me of Rickie from my last expedition.

I missed much of the conversation from the other two, Octavius Sevens and Carlyle Schuler. But Mr. Sevens was mentioning he hoped he brought enough underwear on this trip. Mr. Schuler’s application intrigued me. He was a scientist. Carlyle wanted to join this expedition to gain experience and a little bit of knowledge on how science relates to ancient history. Octavius was a botanist and he wanted to adventure out further to discover the other plant life that existed. His application also mentioned he was a collector. Hopefully he’ll find what he’s looking for this week.

As I looked Octavius over as well, I noticed his dress code was similar to Sage’s. Neither of these two were prepared for being out in the jungle. He’s overly dressed up and she is dressed down.

I gathered my team up and we go outside. I thank each of them for coming on this journey. I explain this is my second trip out here and we have much to explore. I tell them of the dangers we are about to embark on which were not limited to bees, spiders, lightning and fire bugs. But there could be much more awaiting us. I hand out supplies to each of them that would last four encounters of each use.  If they went beyond those uses, they would have to endure whatever was out there and hope for the best.

The supplies each of them received were: lightning insulation powder for the electric bugs along with a fizz drink in case they run out of powder, spider repellent for the giant spiders, plasma bat bait for the bats, fire quencher for the heat bugs along with fire foam in case they run out quencher and catch fire from those bugs, some pollenis flower that will distract hornets and bees, and some energy drinks to keep them hydrated.

When everyone was set to go after I answered any questions they had, we set out on out first day of seven of being in Selvadorada.


Author’s Note: In the second series, we see that the team will be fully immersed in the jungle. To make it more fun and enjoyable to see picture wise, I found some custom content backpacks and added them to each Sims wardrobe (minus our goddess – because why would a goddess carry a backpack, right?). Because one is limited to buying supplies per day from the Marketplace, I used the debug cheat within the game to buy supplies offered from the Jungle Adventure Pack.

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