#BuildNewcrest: Day 82

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 82 (Household Income: §35,855)

When I wake up, I check the clock. It’s close to 2:30am. Karlo is sound asleep next to me. I sit on the bed and rub my eyes. I think I had a horrible nightmare that dad and mom died.

I put my robe on and quietly go into their bedroom and am hit it wasn’t a nightmare, but rather it really was true. The bed is empty. Dad and mom are gone.

Karlo approaches behind me. I must have woken him up. He gives me a hug. He says that they all let me sleep the rest of the afternoon through the night yesterday. He continues that sis and bro are sleeping on the couches. And that they set up to have our parents funeral sometime after Angel and Noelle get home from school.

My tummy is growling and I need something to eat. But my appetite is limited. I feel a little sick to the stomach as well because of my emotions. Karlo makes me cereal and has some as well. I sit at one of the ends where dad or mom always sat. We talk about the funerals. I want to bury mom, but keep dad’s ashes.

After the cereal, I tell Karlo to go back to bed. I want to be alone with my thoughts.

I end up going downstairs and turning on the computer. I look at dad’s social media profile. His last update was 2 days ago talking about his grandson Joseph the 3rd. That Junior brought him over and both had a wonderful visit. I wonder how sis and bro are holding up.

Before I know it, I’m typing a message on his profile page to his followers. I type that he died yesterday afternoon. We are going to have a small family and friends private funeral. I ask that they pay their respects through his social media page rather than visiting.

I log into my social media page and update my status with the same message leaving a link back to his page in case any of my followers do not follow him.

By the time I look at the time on the computer it’s close to 6:00am now. Angel and Noelle should be getting up. I make them cereal as well. Sis and bro also wake up. Karlo gets Xavier up. It’s a family breakfast without me. I’m satisfied with the cereal I had earlier with Karlo even though he is now having another bowl. I sit in silence and watch them eat.

Soon it was 8:00am and Angel and Noelle are heading off to school. Tomorrow is their last day. They will be getting their final homework assignment today. I remember getting mine like it was yesterday. Me and sis had to build volcanoes. I didn’t put much work into mine. I did enough to get a passing grade. Sis built a more fancy one.

I stand at the top of the front stairs and wish them a wonderful school day.

Sis decided to work a half day. Me and my husband call into our workplaces and take the day off. So does my bro.

We decide to watch some tv for a little bit. Catch a bit of the news when I notice a picture of dad on the screen.

The news anchorwoman is talking about him. She mentions he was chosen from the Sim City Government to help build a new section of Newcrest. She goes into detail what that was all about. Then she continues on to say that he passed away yesterday according to sources from online. That his daughter, me, posted it this morning. She wishes the television’s station condolences and the continued success of building this section of Newcrest.

It is around 3:00pm when Angel and Noelle get home from school. The news had spread all the way to there. Noelle was happy that grandpa was getting the much needed attention. She missed him a lot. Angel started asking questions about how grandpa is so popular.

Around 5:00pm is when sims started showing up for the funeral. Myself, my husband, and my bro made calls during the day. Some said they would be there. Those that couldn’t, wished their condolences over the phone.

It was nice to see everyone dressed in purple. I remember when dad and mom would go to their friends funerals dressed in purple. When Sims die, a purple haze rises above the body. It is said to be their spirit. So everyone wears purple at funerals in remembrance of their spirit. I miss dad and mom so much.

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted mom buried and dad cremated. We buried mom in the backyard. Dad’s urn would be kept inside the house, but for now we set it outside next to mom while we mourned and talked about the two. Everyone had something nice to say.

After the funeral, we all went back inside to mingle and talk. The men had cooked and baked up some snacks for our guests earlier in the day. Even Angel helped. He made a salad.

I was happy to see my other high school friends attend. I caught up with how Steve and Argus were doing. I don’t think Steve handles funerals any better than the rest of us. He only met dad and mom a couple times, but his emotions get the better of him. Argus was more concerned with how I was doing.

How wonderful are Angel and Noelle. Angel helps with making food for after the funeral and Noelle helps clean up when everyone is finishing up their plates.

As family and friends departed, sis packed up what she brought and went home with Patrick, Faith, and Charity. Bro went home with his wife Anne and their son, Joseph the 3rd.

The rest of us change into our pajamas. Angel and Noelle bring out their final homework assignments. Angel is suppose to build a Medieval Castle Diorama. Noelle needs to build a Solar System.

I decide to help with Noelle’s Solar system. I know nothing about Castles. That’s more of a guy thing I think or assume.

And Karlo helps Angel with his Castle.

During the building time, Dulcie entertained Xavier.

Tonight as I go to sleep, I feel a calmness sweep over me.

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