1.13: All Good Things…

Jungle Ruin
1.13: All Good Things…

“My final entry for this expedition is a short one. Today is the day we go home. We all ate breakfast together for one final time. Then some decided to chill around the radio and have a dance. Adrian gave me a good idea with one of her comments.

“When we arrived back at my home in Windenburg, I had a surprise waiting for them. I threw them a thank you party for joining me on an expedition to Salvadorada. I have made seven new friends and hope to keep in touch with each and every one of them.”

I wake up around six o’clock in the morning. The expedition team’s last day in Salvadorada. In just a short period, I will be returning here with another group of adventurers.

I go around and clean up our lodging. I put away books laying around, wash dirty dishes, and mop the floors. We should leave here how we entered it.

I could hear my team moving around upstairs. I wonder if I woke them up. I get breakfast started. I call them all downstairs and to outside to eat. It was nice being able to sit and eat with the other seven explorers one final time.

Vincent says he is going to miss dancing to the radio. The jungle type music was very inspiring. I tell him he might be able to order something similar online when he gets home.

Misty was hoping she could take some of the flowers back home with her. Maybe even plant and grow some of her own since she enjoys the outdoors so much.

I was happy to enjoy looking around and watch everyone talk to each other. I hope they stay in touch with each other. We sure have been through a lot this past week together.

I did notice that Marguerite had disappeared after eating. She took her empty plate inside, but I never did see her return.

I went inside to check up on Marguerite. I spy her dancing to some music on the radio.

Soon enough, I see Adrian and Rickie coming in and joining her. What a weird, but fun, this group has been this past week.

I decided what the heck, and moved up to the radio and started busting my own moves out. Adrian thought this was great that we were having a “party in the haus!”

What a great idea I even thought to myself. Why not have one final relaxing get together at my place when we leave Salvadorada.

While the team was packing up their artifacts and other fun stuff they found or bought, I called ahead to have a friend call a caterer and musician to come over to my place later in the evening. It’s a last minute thing, but I know my friend can pull it off.

Martin Espinoza, the gentleman who rented out the lodge, was coming by to pick up the keys. I thanked him and told him my expedition team had a great adventure this past week. I explained to him they are a mix of tourists and archaeology enthusiasts. I told him I would be bringing another group for more jungle adventures. Martin said if the lodge is available, he would be happy to rent it to me again. I thanked him for the offer, but explained I have different plans for the next group.

Before we left Selvadorada, I gather the team outside and ask for all the unused supplies I bought from the Marketplace. I’ll use these for my next trip out here with my new team. I’ll also have to order some online.

We arrive to my place in Windenburg around two-thirty in the afternoon. I told them I have a little surprise for them as a thank you for joining me on this expedition. I had a bar set up with a hired bartender. I rented a piano and hired a pianist. And I also hired a chef.

The piano man became a big hit with Mindy and Misty. I’m not sure if it was his music or his charming looks.

Rickie went straight for the bar. Of course he would. I’m the female bartender had something to do with it. He also was eyeing the brownies on the table. I wish the chef would have made more than that right now.

I could overhear Marguerite talking to Adrian. I honestly believe those two have become really good friends even though they had their arguments here and there. Marguerite was telling Adrian how much she is not missing the bugs.

The piano man decided to try his comedy act when he was done playing. Rickie thought he was a funny guy. I don’t think Antwan did so much.

Mindy found one of my archaeology books. I told her she could keep it. I’m happy I can help someone else who wants to become an archaeologist. And Mindy shows she’s into this kind of thing.

I found Misty outside after the piano man had finished playing and then began his comedy routine. She looked like she was enjoying the beauty of outside. I snuck up behind her.

As we talked, she shared what she likes about the outdoors. Her favorite place to vacation was Granite Falls. She enjoyed the wildlife there when visiting. She even got to see some bears wandering the forests and woods. But she was excited to tell me that Salvadorada was another one of her favorite vacation spots. She wouldn’t want to travel alone, but would like to one day go back and enjoy the beauty of it again.

When five o’clock rolled around, I invited them all into my living room. I told them that I really enjoyed getting to know each and every one. Antwan cracked a joke if we were going to be given rides home in the red sports car that was talked about over the past week? This made everyone laugh, including a smile on Marguerite’s face.

We all said our goodbyes to each other after.


— This concludes Jungle Ruin: Expedition One —

Author’s Note: I had to force all eight of them to sit down at the table for breakfast, so I had to cheat the ISBI for a moment. Once I got them all sitting down and grab a serving. I left what happened after that all up in their own hands. I also wanted to have a little fun to end the story, so I decided to have Fox throw a House Party. I didn’t care about the goals being met, this is ISBI after all. And finally, the fans over at The Sims Community Forums were hinting that Fox and Misty might have a thing for each other. So I pushed Fox to talk to her. How she responds was all up to the game.

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