2.5: An Outdoor Retreat (part 1)

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 5: An Outdoor Retreat (part 1)

Time flies when you’re having fun. At least it is in the Duckson household. The twins are now three years old and have begun their toddler antics while Bucky has grown up into a smart young child.

The twins sleep in mom and dad’s room. Bucky’s room has transformed into something more non-toddler looking.

But the house was just too small to hold five people. Andrew and Zoe decided to have their home rebuilt to fit a family of five. However, this meant they had to find a temporary place to live. They found out it would take about a week for the new home to be redone. Between their two jobs, they had enough simoleons to take some vacation time.

Andrew and Zoe brought the kids to the living room.

Andrew: Hey guys! How would you three like to go visit some woods and maybe see a bear or two?

Bucky cheered. The twins weren’t sure what to make of it, so they followed suit of their brother and cheered too.

Zoe (giving Andrew a dirty look): Bears? Really?
Andrew (smirking): What? There might be bears in Granite Falls.
Zoe: If they get scared, you’re dealing with it. Not me.

Andrew chuckles and makes roaring sounds at Bucky, who laughs.

Zoe (to Andrew): This is going to be an outdoor retreat. I want them to have fun, but take something away from it.
Andrew (winking at Bucky): Like how to avoid bears.

Bucky laughs more.

Within a week, Andrew and Zoe talked to the people they needed to for redoing their home. The two also planned time off from work. Bucky had started grade school, so Andrew called them stating Bucky will be out for a week for a family vacation.

The Duckson family packed up and headed to Granite Falls. Their first vacation as a family.

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  • Oh, I hope they don’t encounter any bears on their vacation! I just love Granite Falls. Looking forward to seeing their adventures there.

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