#BuildNewcrest: Day 81

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 81 (Household Income: §33,888)

Yesterday was a typical normal day in the Simself Household. While I was at work, bro visited dad and brought Joseph the third with him.

I can hear dad and mom arguing. It wakes me up. I look at the clock and it’s only 3:00am. This wakes Karlo up as well.

They are in the bathroom. Dad doesn’t look so good. He’s got red spots all over his body. He’s telling mom he is fine, but I can even see he’s not.

Side Note: I used a cheat to make Joseph Simself sick. I know, it’s a cruel thing to do. It’s all for story purposes.

It was my turn to try and talk some sense into dad. His old age has caught up to him and he needs to rest. He needs to take it easy. I tell him I am the heir and this is my house now. So if I want him to get back to bed and rest, he will get back to bed.

I think that put him in a lighter mood and he smiled when I told him I was in charge and what I say goes. He reached to me and gave me a hug. Even though I couldn’t see her face, I knew mom was still worried.

I make sure dad lays down.

Then I make my way back to mom who is still worried. I try and tell her everything is going to be okay. Dad just needs some rest today. No working and no playing with the kids.

Around 6:00am, I have breakfast on the table. I tell Angel, Noelle, and Xavier that grandpa is not feeling well and not to bother him today. If he feels better tomorrow, maybe he can come out and play.

I see if dad is up to eating something and bring him some fruit and yogurt parfait I made for everyone else.

He gladly accepts it. He’s just a little sick. He’ll be better tomorrow. That’s what I kept telling myself.

At 8:00am, I send Angel and Noelle off to school. Including today, they only have 3 more days left.

I call my boss, Giovanni, and let him know I won’t be coming into work today and need to take one of my vacation days. I let him know my dad is sick and I need to stay home to take care of him and Xavier. He says he hopes my dad gets better soon and to say hi for him. The two met at my wedding. Well, the wedding of myself, my sis and bro.

On his way out the door to work, I tell my husband, Karlo, to have a wonderful day at work.

I give Xavier a bubble bath. He likes those.

Mom said she was going to nap with dad.

I decide to read a book to Xavier. He’s going to age up the same time Angel and Noelle will be. I want him to be ready for grade school next week. When all of a sudden…

I hear my mom cry for help. I quickly run to their bedroom. Dad is standing over her body looking helpless when I get there. A purple haze has surrounded her body. Her spirit is leaving her. No! I didn’t want this to happen. Mom is dying. It’s too soon.

The room became cold and the door swings open, but no one is there. I could feel a dark presence. Dad says he should have been the first to go. We both can’t stop crying.

I quickly leave. This is too much for me. Xavier visits me in my room looking confused. How am I suppose to tell him his grandma just died? I pick him up and hold him tight. He sees me sad and becomes sad, too.

An hour goes by and I call sis. I tell her mom died and if she could call bro and let him know. Dad had already called emergency and they came to get mom and take her to the coroners. Sis said she’d call bro and then come over. Patrick will take care of Faith and Charity.

I find dad in his chair in the living room. Poor dad. He looks so depressed. And there’s nothing I can do. I tell him I called sis and she’s letting bro know.

I call Karlo and let him know that mom died around 11:00am. He immediately says he is on his way home. Although he can be hot-headed sometimes, I’m glad he’s supportive in my times of need.

Around 1:30pm there is a knock at the door. As I walk over, I can see sis through the window.

I give her a big hug.

Depressed as he is, dad was happy to see sis as well and comes over for a hug. This made me smile a little as well.

Dad says he has to go the bathroom and would be right back. A few minutes later, I hear him call my name as well as my sis’. We rush to the bathroom to see him collapsed on the floor. A purple haze is beginning to rise from him. No. Not dad too. I just lost mom.

But there is nothing me and sis can do but watch. Watch as dad dies.

I hear Karlo coming into the bathroom. He goes into shock seeing my dad lying on the floor. Not soon after, I felt that same cold chill as I did when mom died. The door flies open and I was expecting Xavier, but no one was there.

Angel and Noelle arrived home shortly after. Karlo said he would let them know about grandpa and grandma. I could hear Noelle pleading it wasn’t true. My poor Angel and Noelle. And Xavier is too young to understand any of this.

This is all too much for me. I ask Hope if she can call the emergency. She said she will do anything I need.

I need to cry under the covers. That is what I need to do.

Side Note: This concludes the rest of the day. The next chapter will begin as Day 82.

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