2.4: Talk About Babies

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 4: Talk About Babies

Zoe got her wish for a daughter… and then some. Andrew and Zoe named their twins Christian and Chloe. Bucky was happy to see his new brother and sister.

Andrew and Zoe didn’t want the burden of asking J to be their godfather as well, so they talked it over and decided to ask Don and Violet Lothario to be the godparents of Christian and Chloe. They chose to have godparents for all their kids in case something ever happened to them, they would know there was someone else who would take care of Bucky, Christian, and Chloe.

Andrew invited Don and Violet over for dinner. To their surprise, they noticed Violet was expecting a baby of her own. They were expecting a baby boy real soon. Andrew introduced Violet to Zoe. Andrew met Violet after Don had told him the two had eloped. This was after the drama he encountered between Don and Dina. Things have seemed to calm down since then.

Andrew then introduced Don and Violet to Bucky, Christian, and Chloe. Charmer Bucky was curious who these two new people were. The three hit it off well. Bucky allowed Don to play with him for a bit.

After dinner, Zoe sent Bucky to his room to play so the grown-ups could talk.

Andrew: I’ve also invited you two over to ask you a question. We’d like the both of you to be godparents to the twins. I’ve known you for a long time now, Don. Almost since I moved to Oasis Springs and we’ve become really good friends. But seeing your wife is now pregnant, I understand if you would want to decline. There would be no hard feelings between us.

Don looks over at Violet for a response.

Violet: Of course we would. But you two must agree to be the godparents of Junior when he’s born.
Zoe (smiling at Violet): We’d be happy to.

Andrew and Don caught up on old times while Zoe and Violet started to become really good friends and had a talk about babies.

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