1.11: Moody Mayhem

Jungle Ruin
1.11: Moody Mayhem

“Our expedition is almost over. Tomorrow will be our last day in Salvadorada. Today will go exploring one last time so those who didn’t find anything yesterday can find something today, hopefully.

“We had an interesting experience of events last night when we passed by the Flirty Falls. But they seemed unaffected this morning to my knowledge. Of course they got into arguments over bathroom priviledge times. As they were waking up and getting ready, I went to the Marketplace one last time to get supplies.

“When I returned, the team was ready to go. As we ventured out, I noticed Rickie and Adrian hanging out. Could it have been from yesterday’s escapades? But I thought too soon. Next thing I know, my expedition team is having mood swings. And not the positive kind…”

My internal clock wakes me up around six o’clock in the morning. Everyone else is still sleeping. I can hear Antwan mumbling in his sleep.

I go around and wake everyone up. We’re going to need a headstart getting out.

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As the team was fighting over who gets to used the bathrooms first and having leftovers for breakfast, I told them I was heading to the Marketplace to see what I could pick up for our final trek out into the jungle. They all should be ready to go when I get back in about an hour.

From what I saw on the Merchant’s table, I snagged up another machete, some Lightning Insulation Powder, Drake’s Fire Quenchers, and a few more Fire Foams. I left the Liquid Rush. My team seems to go well on energy. Probably because they’ve never done something like this before and they get that extra boost from their excitement.

I get back to the lodging at around eight-fifteen. Everyone seems to be ready to go. I ask around to see who has what necessities and distribute the supplies I bought to those who need them. I want to make sure  Antwan and Misty get a chance to excavate something today. Everyone ele was able to yesterday. Tonight, we’ll check out our findings.

We get to the Trailhead. Vincent mentions he is thinking of his family back home. He misses them. Some of the others agree. I remind them we all go home tomorrow.

We crossed through the gateway into the jungle. While Rickie and Adrian were admiring the archway we just walked through, Mindy started talking to Misty how she is going to read up more about Selvadorada and revisit in the future.

I noticed Antwan and Vincent off by themselves. All of a sudden Antwan motioned towards an avocado tree. I was too far away, but it looked like he was trying to use mystical powers or something to make it grow more, rise out of the ground, or produce more avocados. Or maybe he was just having a debate with it. This guy has been doing strange things since day one when we got here. Vincent seemed to be enjoying it.

I began to survey for good spots to dig. I was having no luck. All the surfaces were too flat. It didn’t help I was being distracted by the team as well.

Marguerite was talking about sports. Football to be exact. Something about women should be able to play in the nationals and majors. What an odd topic to bring up, but I could hear Misty and Mindy agreeing with her.

Rickie and Adrian have moved from being in awe from the archway to talking about their laundry. These two have been clingy today. I saw Adrian eyeing him when we got to the Trailhead. I wonder if it has to do with the flirty falls yesterday and the fact they saw each other naked at the pool.

And Antwan still at the avocado tree.

I finally spot an area. It’s close to the bridge overlooking the flirty falls. I think we’ll stay away from that spot the rest of the day.

I begin to establish the excavation site.

I’m not exactly sure what was going on, but I could sense that Marguerite disapproved of Rickie. Said something about he’s too old for her. I don’t think went over well with Adrian and I noticed Mindy go over to give Adrian a hug.

As I was finishing the establishing, Misty came over to check it out. I think she was excited to get some digging done today.

Vincent also noticed I was done and started heading my way. He got a chance to excavate yesterday. This afternoon belongs to Misty and Antwan.

I call Antwan over and we begin the digging process around ten thirtyish. Hopefully we can get this done by lunchtime.

Vincent had a not-so-happy look on his face. I think he wanted to do more digging. I wanted to make it fair for everyone, though. Antwan gives him a look with a big grin on his face. Be nice, Antwan.

I glance to over where the rest of the team is. I was hoping they would go sightsee close by. Or at least watch to see what we dig up. But it seems Marguerite and Rickie are still at it. Now Rickie doesn’t even want to look at her. Come on guys. From flirty yesterday to the opposite today. What is going on with my team?

I think Marguerite decided to take her anger issues she is having right now with Rickie on the avocado tree that Antwan was just at. That poor tree.

At least Adrian and Rickie were talking to each other again.

Author’s Note: Teenagers and Young Adults cannot have a romantic relationship in the game (unless cheated with a Mod – which I did not do). However, Adrian and Rickie’s friendship bar was getting high. Because this is an ISBI gameplay/story and I don’t play anyone but Fox Fever, I didn’t get a chance to see exactly why Marguerite had Rickie’s face with the red negative over it in a thought bubble. Something happened between those two and I guess I missed it. I decided to select the two and see if I could investigate. The two had an Awkward Encounter and had the embarrassed moodlet! I miss all the good stuff!

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