2.3: Makes Me Jealous

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 3: Makes Me Jealous

Zoe was sitting on the bed when Andrew came in. He thought she would have already been sleeping after a long day of work and taking care of Bucky. He sat down next to her on the bed. They both stared at each for a moment. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

Zoe: Can I ask you a question? And I want you to give an honest answer.
Andrew: Of course.
Zoe: Do you want more kids?
Andrew: Do you?
Zoe: I asked you first. And tell me the truth.
Andrew: I wouldn’t mind another one. It would be nice for Bucky to have a little brother or sister.
Zoe: It would.
Andrew: You want a girl, don’t you?
Zoe: I see how Bucky looks up to you. Makes me jealous sometimes.
Andrew: He looks up to you, too.
Zoe: Not like he does to you, though.

Andrew: I look up to you, my little Zoe! Now come here you!

Andrew moves Zoe to a laying position on the bed and they begin kissing. Soon the two are under the sheets.

Nine months pass and Zoe is ready to have another child. Andrew and Zoe explain to Bucky that he is going to have a younger brother or sister and that they will need as much attention as he gets. Bucky, the little charmer he was, actually showed interest. But everyone knows this could change after a child is born.

Bucky looked on as Andrew was feeling Zoe’s tummy.

Andrew: Look Bucky! Someone is going to be joining us soon. It’s a big one!

Bucky giggles.

Zoe: I think it’s going to be another boy. This fella is heavier than Bucky. Can girls be this big?
Andrew: No matter what, he….or she….will be our second little bundle of joy.
Zoe: I’m glad we decided to wait and not have the doctor tell us what gender it is.

Days later, Zoe’s water broke and it was time for her to have her second baby. J came over to play with Bucky as Andrew didn’t feel Bucky was old enough to be at the hospital.

Andrew and Zoe are happy to introduce not just one new child to their family, but two. Bucky now has a new baby brother, and he also has a new baby sister. Twins!

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