1.10: Naked And In Love

Jungle Ruin
1.10: Naked And In Love

** WARNING: This chapter contains mild nudity. Reader’s Discretion Advised! **

“Today was no normal day within the jungle. After getting up and preparing ourselves for the day, we went out to find more treasures that the jungle holds.

“After excavating one site and in search of another, we were close to the waterfalls we encountered by the temple. This was no ordinary type of waterfall, though. Doing my research, I found it it is called Flirty Falls. It puts all those in the vicinity in a romantic mood and my team fell victim.

“Then we happened to come across a beautiful Omiscan Pool. I think because some were in the flirty mood, they decided to go swimming in their birthday suits. I couldn’t believe it myself. Some were comfortable with it while others were not. I had to quickly get us away from the falls.

“I was lucky to do so when Marguerite ran off to find a place to go the bathroom. I guess she should be thanked for that. We were able to excavate one more site and then it got too dark outside to do more.

“Today was a day I don’t any of the team will forget. I’ll wait and see what happens tomorrow with all that went down. Hopefully there won’t be any romantic flings tonight.”

I’ve always been an early riser. I automatically wake up that way. I don’t need an alarm clock. So this morning, I wake up before anyone else yet again. I go downstairs and make breakfast for the group. I am sure once the smell begins reaching upstairs they will all wake up.

This morning’s menu is eggs and toast. Something to fill their stomachs with before we journey out into the jungle once again.

The team decided to all eat breakfast at the kitchen counter and sink…

While I decided to sit down outside and enjoy my meal.

After breakfast, I had the adventurers get ready for another day of exploration.

While they were getting ready, I headed over to the Marketplace to see what I could get. There were spider repellents, plasma bat baits, and waterfall in a bottles. I have enough water bottles to last another expedition, so won’t buy those. But will more than likely need these repellents and baits, so I snag them up.

When I get back, everyone seems to be eager to get back out into the jungle. We gather outside so I can divide up the gear I bought yesterday and today.

At the Trailhead, I share the news we will be taking a different route to explore. We’ll see where the trails and brushes take us. We will excavate all that we can and hopefully everyone will get a chance.

Misty was eager to move ahead and do some exploring. Rickie thought he could be helpful moving away rocks and the such this time around. I think he just wants to show off to Adrian. He’s been eyeing her lately.

We got to a gate covered with vines. I began to use my machete on the vines, but they were just too thick. Vincent looked at me and thought maybe something was wrong. I told him the vines were just too thick to cut through right now. Antwan was staring at them like he could easily go through them. I tell the group that we will have to go across the bridge and see what we can explore over there near where the temple was.

And so we all crossed the bridge once again.

Immediately after I crossed, I saw an area that looked like it was holding treasures underneath the ground, so I begin establishing the excavation site.

Off in the distance, I could hear Mindy stating she is going to write a book about her adventures from here.

And then I hear Vincent say “Hello ladies” followed by Mindy saying, “And hopefully none of the guys die by the end of our time here.” With a bunch of female laughter. I can’t believe Mindy just said that.

As I stood from finishing establishing where to dig, Rickie and Vincent came to check it out. I ask the two if they want to help me out on this one.

So the three of us dug to see what we could find, for which I get something that is hardened in a clump of clay. Vincent finds one, too. Whatever has been buried here must have been here a long time. Rickie finds a statue.

Bu the time we were finishing up, almost the rest of the team came by to watch.

I knew it was going to be brought up sometime and somehow, and today was the day. Marguerite looks over at Antwan and asks him why he is looking so blue. And then proceeds to tell him to look in a mirror. He literally looks blue and begins to chuckle. Antwan didn’t find it funny and made sure she knew it. I think Adrian did because she turned to look at Marguerite and smirked.

We continued our journey inwards into the jungle. I use my machete and chop through vines to clear more areas.

When we went to the museum yesterday, I did some research on their computer about the temples of Salvadorada. I remember when we were in these parts before, some if not all of us were hit by the love bug. I even had to take advantage of it in the temple. I finally figured out why and it’s come back to haunt us today. The waterfalls in this part of the jungle near the temple we were in is called Flirty Falls.

As I am clearing through the vines, I can hear my team is falling victim once again to these waterfalls. I still remember my interactions with Misty. I have to get through these vines faster and move forward so they’ll snap out of it.

I manage to do so and as I step through, I am encountered by a family of sloths. These look like the sloths I encountered days ago. But they all look alike to me. However, they are looking at me like I am new to them. I slowly walk up to them. This frightens them and they swing away. I now know these weren’t the same ones. As I back up and turn around, I don’t realize there was a swarm of bats also with the sloths and I run right into them. Luckily they weren’t dangerous and they flew away.

I call for the rest of my team to come. I shout I found some cute sloths. That worked because they all seemed to come through rather quickly. I make a little white lie and say that all the rustling made them run off.

We walked a little further until we happened upon a beautiful looking pool. Antwan said he was getting hungry. I take out my watch from my pocket and see it’s mid afternoon already. I guess now I am starting to feel a little hungry too.

Some of us dig through the blue cooler I bought at the Marketplace awhile ago.

All of a sudden, I see Rickie taking off his clothes. All of them. Right down to his birthday suit. He jumps into the pool and swims to the other side. “RICKIE!” I shouted. “Not cool!” He says the water is nice and warm. He continues that we all should get in and relax.

Of course Antwan had no shame and declothed as well. Unfortunately, Vincent saw him and went into a small shock. Underwear people! At least keep your underwear on! Rickie said he didn’t want them wet. I told him there is a thing called public decency. Even in a small group setting.

Soon, others followed suit and enjoyed the pool. Some took my request and at least kept their undergarments on. Others had to display a defiance and be like Rickie…and Antwan. I gave up. They all paid already for this exploration.

I watched on and shook my head. This is not appropriate at all. They must still be feeling the effects of the Flirty Falls. At least I am fighting it.

On the other side of the pool I noticed a gateway blocked by more vines. This is our way out from the pool area I notice. Unless we go back the other way. I decide to machete my way through why they have their little fun in the pool.

As I venture through the vines, I spy more wildlife. They are called capybaras. They are giant rodents. These cannot be taken home as pets, though. I’m admiring them drinking when I see a swarm of bees heading their way. I’ve already been stung out here, but these creatures don’t deserve that. I wonder if I can scare off the bees without them attacking the capybaras or myself.

I run around like a maniac attracting the attention of not only the bees, but the capybaras. The bees begin to head my way and I continue to run like a chicken with its head cut off. I’m not screaming though to scare off these largely creatures. The bees don’t seem to know what to do and fly off leaving me and the capybaras alone.

I stop by a watering hole to catch my breath from all that running and see something shiny in the water. I get on my hands and knees and pull out what looks like a disc ruby gold perereca.

I head back to the pool seeing Antwan and Adrian doing the potty dance. Rickie, Vincent, Misty, and Mindy were still in the pool. I couldn’t see Marguerite. I ask the group where she is. Adrian said she went back to find a outhouse or something. And Adrian and Antwan decided not to go with? I tell the others to get out of the pool and get dressed. We’re heading back to find Marguerite.

On our way back, we ran into a little bit of trouble…

Mindy got spidered. Lucky for her, she took out her spider repellent to get rid of the nasty critter. And now put your clothes back on, Mindy. One should not be running around in their underwear while adventuring in a jungle.

Antwan attracted some fire flies. He had a drake’s fire quencher on hand that he knew he should use. Well done, my friend. I’m sure they scared you more than enough that you might have went the bathroom already, but use the outhouse as well.

When it all settled down and everyone used the outhouse, I looked around to see if there was anything worth digging in this area. I happened to spot a patch of dirt that might be worth digging under.

I establish the excavation site. I’m looking forward to what we’ll discover. Will it be more treasure or just souvenirs to take home, or trash.

This time, I invite some of the ladies to help. Marguerite, Adrian, and Mindy helped excavate. I was hoping we’d find more treasures for those who didn’t last time around.

Marguerite ended up digging up some sort of fossil rock. Adrian found some bone dust that I thought might be ancient. I found another skull. And Mindy dug up a dirt clump that might have some type of treasure inside. One never knows.

After the excavation was complete, it was dark outside. I looked at the team and I noticed some were yawning, but not complaining about sleep. Adrian spoke up and said she was starving. I decided we head back to the lodging. No more exploring for tonight.

While some raided the fridge…

Others went to bed.

For me, I stood outside and enjoyed the night time breeze. I also wondered how they are going to react tomorrow about the shenanigans that happened today with our Flirty Falls encounter and some of their antics at the pool.

Author’s Note: I guess when you take one vacation and begin traveling one route, it can block one from entering (cutting through vines) to another area if you come across a door with vines. Strange. I’m guessing it takes you to either another temple or special area where you have explore another time. When Fox found the Omiscan Pool area, I didn’t know what to expect from the uncontrolled sims and assumed one might want to go swimming. Since the team didn’t expect to go swimming, I went into CAS and changed their Swimwear to nakedness and underwear for a small bit of realism. And the outcome was priceless for those who were nude and the poor sims who witnessed it.

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  • Oh funny! I love how you did that. Those sims, any excuse to run around as a nekid nudie! lol It was a great day and whatever fire flies or spiders descended on them, there were prepared. Let’s hope that they found something great when they clean it off. The flirty falls were doing a number on the expedition party lol

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