1.09: Night At The Museum

Jungle Ruin
1.09: Night At The Museum

“I gather the team together and tell them that we’ll spend the rest of the evening checking out the Museum here in Salvadorada.

“Everyone except Marguerite and Adrian were taking in all the displayed artifacts and creations. I think Misty was the most intrigued from the group about our Museum visitation.

“We ended up leaving when Antwan started making a scene at one of the displays. There were other tourists around and I didn’t want them calling the local Salvadorada police. Last thing I want is any of my team locked up.”

After dinner, I gathered everyone outside. Marguerite was into her romance novel she had to bring it outside with her. I guess she was at a point where she didn’t want to put it down.

I tell them all to follow me and we make our way to the Alam Museum of Archaeology. I was excited to visit this place. I was hoping the team might be as well. I could see on Misty’s face she wanted to get inside and look around.

So, I escorted them inside.

As predicted by her facial expression, Misty immediately found herself at a display case of artifacts and creations from an Omiscan tribe. She seemed to be fascinated by the colors of the woven baskets.

Mindy, Antwan, and Rickie headed over to where another tourist was. The tourist was looking at a rare artifact on display. For some reason, the other three from my team was more interested at the light fixture above the artifact. That’s just a normal light, guys. But glad you are enjoying it.

Vincent went back outside. He noticed another tourist examining the Omiscan pots and he soon became interested in them.

Marguerite and Adrian were off to the side chatting with each other. I could hear Marguerite mentioning something about sport cars. Maybe they were picking up where they left off at my place before we came to Salvadorada. The two didn’t look at all interested in the Museum.

The computer is finally freed up, so I grab a seat and do some online research of the Omiscan and Salvadorada.

I continue to be amused as I eavesdrop on Marguerite and Adrian’s conversation. I think they’re making plans to hang out together when this is all over. They do seem to have a love hate relationship. Today is love.

All of a sudden, I could hear Antwan getting all upset and yelling. I turn around in my chair to see him in front of the display case Misty was at a bit ago. Rickie was next to Antwan, but Antwan wasn’t even looking at Rickie when he was saying stuff I couldn’t understand. However, he kept motioning and making gestures at the display case. Something in that case is bothering him, perhaps?

I think maybe this was our time to call it a night then. I didn’t want Antwan making a scene for all the other tourists here. I notice the others are wandering around looking all tired as well. Except Misty. I cannot find Misty. I finally catch her outside towards the back of the Museum. There’s an easel set up. She’s looking at it as if she wants to paint something. I’m happy she is enjoying her time here in Salvadorada.

On our way back to our housing lodge, we stop off at the Marketplace. Although it is dark out, I notice one of the merchant tables is set up with supplies. What an odd hour to be open, but maybe there are nighttime adventurers.

This merchant was more outgoing and social. He didn’t stand behind his table. He mingled with my team. I ended up buying anything I could from him. All except for the souvenirs. I passed on those.

When we got back to our housing lodge, everyone was so tired, that they all headed to bed. Plus, they knew tomorrow we were going back out to explore. More treasures to be found, perhaps.

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  • Great trip to the museum. Yes, indeed, it does look like Adrian and Marguerite are planning some type of trip together, in a red corvette no less. And Antwan…I wonder what got him all riled up at the museum? Did he see something that spooked him? Hmmm…curious. Misty was just so inspired by the place. And the guy at the marketplace looked cool. I think he may have wanted to go on the expedition with you, too. I loved their thought bubbles when they were heading to bed.

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