2.2: The Little Charmer

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 2: The Little Charmer

Three years pass by. Bucky Duckson, now a toddler, continues to be pampered by his parents Andrew and Zoe. Bucky clung to Andrew a lot more than he did his mom. Zoe thought it was just a father and son bonding thing.

Bucky was the little charmer. He would constantly make noises to his mom and dad. Most of it was gibberish, but he was also speaking in words to where they made sense.

Andrew would do what he could to help educate his toddler son at his young age. He wanted Bucky to grow up to be a smart man. He would create flash cards and go over basic objects and words. When Bucky was old enough to attend school, Andrew wanted him well prepared. After all, he was daddy’s little guy.

J Huntington, Bucky’s godfather, would come visit every so often to child sit and take care of Bucky while Andrew and Zoe were working.

J would give Bucky baths…

Read to him…

And feed him.

Bucky Duckson’s coming into the world was one of the best things that happened to Andrew and Zoe. Especially for Andrew.

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